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If there is one beauty brand heavily on our radar right now it’s SkinOwl. The American brand, now available at Cult Beauty, is the brainchild of Annie Tevelin – a lady who, having suffered severely from acne for much of her adult life and finding no over-the-counter solutions, decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own brand which stripped skincare back to basics.
“I wanted to make skincare really simple so that people could see results overnight,” Annie told us. “There is so much confusion in the beauty industry with the wealth of products on offer, so I wanted women to feel like they knew exactly what they were putting on their skin”.
And so, Annie launched her first capsule collection, named SkinOwl and it’s been developing a serious cult following ever since. With an emphasis on purity and efficacy (read: no hidden nasties) and products designed to work literally overnight (yes, really) this is a skincare line like no other.
Read on to learn more from Annie herself and shop our edit of SkinOwl’s best new bits to try below – we assure you this is one brand sure to be on your go-to beauty list.
How did you find out that certain ingredients were causing your own skin complaints?

I was seeing a pattern. A lot of the products that were recommended to me to heal my redness and alleviate my acne and scarring were making it worse. I took a closer look at those ingredients and weeded them out, and from there, my skin literally began to change. 
There are so many skincare brands that promise results, what sets SkinOwl products apart from others?

While there are a lot of natural product lines, I have to say SkinOwl is the best in regards to sifting through and weeding out icky ingredients and offering a product line that serves the minimalist and the most savvy skincare shopper.
What’s your favourite product in the collection and why? 

I'm a sucker for all of our Beauty Drops, especially the Geranium one, which is my go-to. It’s so rich and luxurious that it feels like I’m pampering myself at a spa when I use it.
What skincare regime would you recommend for women with oily skin?

I would recommend the Lavender Beauty Drops for the morning and the Mangosteen Beauty Drops PM for night-time, as well as the Eye+ Concentrate. This combination will ensure you’ve hit all your zones with the right ingredients.
What are your top tips for looking after our skin properly?

My four absolute musts are: don't sleep in anything that has an SPF, wash your face before you go to bed, drink lots water and eat olives, avocados and mushrooms as much as possible (they are all amazing for the skin) and finally, steam your skin once a week. To do this, boil a big pot of water, put in a few drops of essential oils and just put your face over the pot as it steams. You’ll see your skin change instantly.
Finally, what's next for SkinOwl as a brand? 

We are going to introduce a whole new skin category for holiday, plus we hope to move in the direction of education and training, a bit like TED Talks meets the Beauty Industry. Keep your eyes peeled…




Beauty Drops PM Mangosteen, £68 | SkinOwl
Eye+, £36 | SkinOwl
Body, £46 | SkinOwl


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