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Pastel Hair



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Once the look of choice for rebellious teenagers and ultra-hip fashion girls, pastel hair has finally gone mainstream with the introduction of DIY home dyes.

To get those incredibly soft washed-out hues you’re going to need a pale base to work from, so visit your hairdresser for fresh platinum lights. Next add hand-painted streaks of lilac, peach, silver or pink (a la Fearne Cotton) for a wash of subtle colour. 

Pro Tip: Err on the side of caution to begin with and don’t leave the dye in too long If it’s not dramatic enough you can always build more pigment later.




Féria S01 Pastel Pink Panther, £.5.89 | L'Oréal
Féria S02 Pastel Lilac Lavender, £5.89 | L'Oréal
Féria S03 Pastel Peach Punch, £5.89 | L'Oréal


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