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Halo Braids

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As the perfect combination of boho and polished, nothing works better for summer events than a perennially cool halo braid. This intricate look, always popular on the red carpet, couldn’t be more on-point this season, after braided tresses adorned the SS15 catwalks, so now is the perfect time to embrace your inner Grecian goddess.

We’ve spoken to hair maestro and SheerLuxe Beauty Panelist Charles Worthington, who has created halo braids on the catwalk, for a step-by-step guide on how to make the look work for you, so browse our gallery for inspiration and get plaiting.
Step 1
Divide your hair into two sections from ear to ear throughout the crown of your head.
Step 2
Secure both sections into two ponytails - the top ponytail at your left temple and the bottom at the right.
Step 3
French plait each ponytail across the head so they finish on the opposite side and then use a small clear elastic snag band to secure each one.
Step 4
Lastly, wrap them around the circumference flat to the head, so they appear as one and secure with hair grips. Pull sections of the French plait gently out so it looks slightly dishevelled. To finish, spritz with hairspray.


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