SL Reviews Barry’s Bootcamp in East London |

SL Reviews Barry’s Bootcamp in East London

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They call it ‘The Best Workout in the World’ and – though bold – Barry’s Bootcamp’s claim might just be true. Read on for SheerLuxe’s first visit to Barry’s new East London location…
The Lowdown: The post-work classes at Barry’s first London location near Euston Station are notoriously hard to get into (what with the potential of having the Beckhams or Carey Mulligan next to you) so the burgeoning fitness company has opened its second London location on City Road in East London. In the US, where Barry’s boasts 14 outposts, Ellie Goulding was spotted leading the last few intervals of a class she was attending in Miami.

The Workout: One hour of high-intensity intervals, alternating from 25-30 minutes combined on the floor (toning arms and abs with weights starting from 4kg as well as bodyweight work) to treadmill (you’ll do a combined 25-30 minutes varying between sprint intervals, increasing inclines and dynamic mode – when the only thing moving your Navy SEAL-approved Woodway treadmill is you…) throughout the class.

With rocking tunes and low, club-style lighting mixed with Barry’s energetic trainers (no negativity here, despite the ‘Bootcamp’ name), these workouts have been known to help clients burn 800-1,000 calories per class.

We tried the Full Body workout with Shannon – a pint-sized powerhouse of a trainer who took his time going around to each client to check their form and give constructive advice, when he wasn’t shouting motivational lines over his mic (‘Twist those f***ers out’ actually did give us the will to do just that during the bicycle crunches).

That’s Not All: Before descending downstairs to the luxe changing rooms (think Malin + Goetz products and slick-looking key-pad entry lockers), you can order your Barry’s Fuel Bar protein shake in advance so it’s waiting for you when you finish. At £5 per shake, it’s another luxury add-on to the already steep prices (£20 per class – less if you buy in bulk – but you will feel like you’ve had a personal training session and not just been in any old group class) but just the treat we needed after the 8:45am Saturday morning sesh.

Difficulty-Rating? You have the option to push yourself as hard as you can or want to, but the base level is nothing short of breathtaking. Weights don’t come any lower than 4kg and the lowest allowed treadmill speed is still a running pace – not a jog and certainly never a walk. And rest is not in Barry’s vocabulary… You’re either running or you’re on the floor for the entire hour.

What Makes It Different? The can-do attitude. As opposed to other ‘bootcamp’ style classes we’ve tried, there is no shouting negative feedback at clients. Everything is motivational and positive, which we loved.

Verdict: Expensive but worth it. Even if you can only justify a few classes per month, you will benefit from visiting Barry’s. Our reviewer trains cardio and weights regularly and still felt the burn (and the soreness two days later!)… So much so that she’s already booked in for two more classes this week. See you there…

Location & Pricing: The entry to Barry’s Bootcamp East is on City Road (the official address is Worship Street) and is between Old Street and Moorgate stations. Classes are £20 each (less if you buy in bulk) which includes a complimentary towel service, showers and use of Malin + Goetz products. SheerLuxe reviewed the Full Body class (which run throughout the weekend) but classes for isolated muscle groups (HardCORE Abs, Arms & Abs, Butt & Legs, Chest, Back & Abs) are available during the week.

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