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When you’re a freelancer or a start-up competing with the big guys for a coveted project it can feel intimidating. But never forget that David did beat Goliath, and so can you with these handy pointers from Creative Boom

1. Read the brief thoroughly and use it as a basis for your pitch, but try to also come up with some alternative or additional suggestions they might not have considered.

2. Fake it till you make it, sure, but don’t forget to be genuine. Showing your honest and human side to the client will win them over. Remember that curiosity, openness and enthusiasm go a long way.

3. Be as passionate about the business or project as the client is. People want to work with somebody who believes in what they’re doing, so ask lots of questions and be as authentically excited as possible.

4. Don’t underestimate the subliminal power of language. Use ‘we’ and ‘our’ from the get-go to subtly plant that idea that you are their next collaborator.

5. Show and tell. Use examples of your successes with past clients to reassure them you’re the best person for the job.

6. Play up your strengths. What makes you stand out over the competition? If you’re not sure, ask previous clients why they enjoyed working with you and use their answers as a jumping point.

7. Prepare answers for some of the more common questions you might get asked, like 'Tell us more about your background?’ and ‘Can you give us a ballpark figure?’ (Tip: Say how you'll prepare a proposal and costings based on the outcome of the pitch, if they'd like to go ahead and work with you.)

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