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Ever since Sienna Miller debuted a perfectly-tousled bob at the Golden Globes earlier this year, we’ve been sorely tempted to lose a few more inches. And now summer is here, we’re dreaming of choppy, undone and oh-so nonchalant short dos.
Tempted to go for the chop? Read on for tips from the pros on how to manage and maintain shorter styles…
Who suit’s a bob?

"'The Bob’ can really be tailored to anyone with any face shape. A square, boxy bob will suit an oval or oblong face shape, where as an A-line shape would suit a square or more rounded face shape. Keeping the length longer at the front, even just slightly, is great for longer face shapes and creates a more flattering look.” – Katie Allan, Master Stylist at Charles Worthington
Are there any hair types that should avoid a bob?

“If you have a fringe or very thick, frizzy or curly hair you need to be sure you are ready for the maintenance of setting the curls with products and time, or if your hair has movement and you want it poker straight without the up-keep, this isn't for you.”
How do you keep it looking modern?
“Make sure the bob touches your collarbone or below, or above the shoulder or higher – anything in the middle will cause a 1960s Mad Men flick at the top of the shoulders.”
What to ask your stylist for?
“Just ask for ‘a bob’, but take pictures of the looks you are trying to achieve as bobs can differ dramatically. If it’s your first bob, and quite a change in length to what you come in with, start longer and gradually go shorter – you can always have more length taken off but it’s not so easy to add it back on again! Also, ask for a versatile style that you can blast dry in the week and spend more time on at the weekend” – Jo Hansford
What styling techniques or tools should we use to style a bob at home?
“My favourite tool for a textured beachy bob would be the GHD classic Wave Wand. In vertical sections around the head, use the wand to create a bend in the hair just through the middle, alternating in different directions as you go around.” – Katie Allan

Which products should I use?
“If your hair is fine, use a volumiser to blow-dry. If your hair is frizzy, use a smoothing oil or crème. And for any hair type, use either a shine spray to finish for a polished effect, or salt spray for creating movement in the hair”
“Our Voluminous Spray to add volume and help create movement and the Jo Hansford Illuminoil to add shine and keep your hair looking healthy and glossy” – Jo Hansford
Finally, which celebrities wear it well?
“Sienna Miller is queen of the bob, but Alexa Chung, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Taylor Swift all work a bob well, too. – Katie Allan


Classic Wave Wand, £120 | GHD
Smooth Cream, £19 | Philip Kingsley
Glimmer Shine, £19.45 | Moroccanoil
Voluminous Spray, £18.50 | Jo Hansford


Expert Colour Care Mini Illuminoil, £29 | Jo Hansford
Surf Spray, £9.50 | Bumble and Bumble
Moisturising Hair Oil with Lavender, £29 | Christophe Robin


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