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Healthy it may not be, but a cold can of Coke (or Diet Coke, if you’re so inclined) is still high up on our list of ultimate thirst quenchers. If, like us, you frequently reach for a can of the fizzy stuff (reassuring yourself you’ll ‘quit next week’), then why not try raw juice brand Botanic Lab’s new KOLA+ instead?

The ‘healthy coke’ is a cold-pressed drink drawn from the aromatic kola nut, with shiso leaf, citrus and ginger for added zing, that’s reminiscent of the original Coca-Cola taste. Add in a touch of restorative umeboshi plum and the result is a fruity and floral blend that’s not only delicious, but is also designed to reset your system and awaken your senses (read: give you that same energy kick you’re craving).

Celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer and Get The Gloss Editor-in-Chief Susannah Taylor have both already been sharing their love for the refreshing beverage on Instagram, giving it the full health set blessing we’ve been waiting for. Grab one for yourself and never get fizzy drink guilt again.



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