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Bum-Toning Exercises

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Whether you’re getting ready to bare all in a bikini or are simply hoping to firm up your posterior, we have the perfect solution: three easy, yet effective, bum-toning exercises from celebrity trainer and Heartcore founder Jess Schuring.

Having helped the likes of Victoria Beckham and Claudia Schiffer hone their physiques, and launched her highly popular London-based gym chain, the fitness expert knows exactly what it takes to get us in the best shape possible this summer.

Read on for Jess’s top derrière-perfecting exercises you can do at home.

Bum and Outer Thigh Chisel

1. Come on all fours into a tabletop position. Make sure your knees and hips are aligned, as well as your hands and shoulders, and that you have a long, straight spine. You should be looking straight ahead and your eye sight should be slightly ahead of your hands.

2. Bring one leg out to side and keep it bent at a 90-degree angle from the knee. 

3. Lift the leg sideways and up – squeezing into your outer thigh and bum. Avoid shifting your weight into the supporting side and remember to keep your hips square.

4. Repeat this without resting in between repetitions. Make sure to exhale through your mouth on the lift – engaging your abdominal wall. Repeat this for ten slow, controlled reps.

5. On the eleventh rep, hold your leg out to the side (still bent at 90 degrees) and make small circle movements from the hip joint (try and hold your leg as high as you can when doing so). Do ten-to-15 of these in both directions, then switch legs.

The Natural Bum Lift
1. Lay on your back with your knees bent and your feet hip-width apart on the floor.

2. With your arms by your sides and your neck relaxed and long, lift both hips off the floor by pressing through your feet and squeezing your butt cheeks.

3. Once your hips are lifted and you can feel your butt cheeks working (avoid lifting too high which may put a strain on your neck), lift your right leg off the floor, ideally straight up, with a full knee extension and pointy toes towards the ceiling.  

4. Now squeeze your left butt cheek even more on your exhale and come back to that base squeeze before lifting again. The key is to keep the butt cheek engaged throughout. Only rest if you absolutely cannot do one more rep. Squeeze slowly 30 more times for about 30 seconds each.

5. Then hold the highest point and work micro-squeezes from here. Go for it for 30 counts of around 15 seconds. Without dropping your hips, switch sides and repeat.

6. If you’re up for the challenge, switch straight back and repeat both legs one more time.

Get Your Move On With Squat Jumps 
1. Stand with your feet slightly further than hip width apart, abdominals engaged and chin lifted.

2. Squat deep into your legs and hips (keeping your upper body as upright as possible and keep weight in your heels) – this is Position 1. As you come out of your squat, jump into a wide stance with feet even wider apart and feet slightly turned out – this is Position 2. As you come up, jump back into Position 1. 

3. On your fourth jump, you should be back in Position 1. Stay deep in that squat and micro-squat four times at your lowest available point, squeezing your butt cheeks tight. As you come up, jump back into Position 2.  

4. On your fourth jump, you should be back in Position 2. Keep the deep-squat, do a micro-squat four times and jump back up. Repeat for up to a minute, rest for 30-45 seconds and then go again. Try and build up to four or five rounds and drop your rest phase – depending on your fitness levels. 


Inspiration credits: Shape.com