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Eating Organically On A Budget



Eating organically doesn’t have to cost the earth; a point proven by renowned blogger and healthy-eating It Girl Deliciously Ella. The published author and Telegraph food columnist was recently given the challenge of seeing whether two people could do seven days of organic food and snacks for £59. And guess what? After a bit of forward meal planning, she totally pulled it off.

So what can we learn? SL have had a read and noted the following tips for those wanting to go organic…

1. Stock up on cupboard staples – Ella bought tomato puree, tins of chopped tomatoes, pasta, noodles, salt, pepper, dried herbs (thyme, oregano, parsley, basil, chillies), curry powder, olive oil, honey and rice to help her create tasty meals on a budget.

2. Forward planning is key to making tasty, healthy meals without breaking the bank. Make a food diary for the week, covering all your main meals as well as snacks, and try to keep things varied. You can see Ella’s full plan here for inspiration.

3. Opt for simple recipes. Planning meals so you can eat organically is enough pressure, so stick to a few quick meals that require few ingredients. Oat cookies, sweet potato and carrot mash with roasted chickpeas are just some of the examples Ella suggests.

4. Finally, make the most of leftovers. By batch cooking larger amounts of food, you create more meals per head for the same amount of money. It’s the most frugal way to eat organically.  



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