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Humidity-Proof Hair Styles

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If, like us, one whiff of hot weather has your barnet going out of control, then get ready to take notes. We’ve enlisted our crack team of coiffures to find six hairstyles that can humidity-proof your tresses.

From fishtail plaits to top-knots, these are the smart, stylish ways to banish the frizz for good.


What is it?
“A hybrid of the top-knot and the messy ponytail, the half-bun is an easy-to-achieve and flattering look that all the cool girls are wearing,” says Harriet White, stylist at InParlour.

Harriet’s tips for creating the look at home:
  1. Start by dusting roots and ends with a little Schwarzkopf Dust It to add some texture and grip to the hair – shiny, slippy hair is not good for any hair-up styles.
  2. Section hair horizontally from the top of your ears and twist into a single knot. Secure with grips and you’re done.

Which products do you need?
Schwarzkopf 'Dust It and colour-match grips.

'Pin Me Down' - Hair Pins, £6 | Hersheson

Dust It Mattifying Powder, £12.95 | Osis+

Fishtail Plait

What is it?
“Plaits are the best way to fight frizz and humidity in the warmer months,” says Sam Burnett, Creative Director and Founder of HARE&BONE. “The fishtail plait is a two-strand version of the classic plait. Working with only two strands gives a much tighter, more detailed finish similar to a fish bone – it’s a really classic look that works just as well in the office as on the weekend.”

Sam’s tips for creating the look at home:

  1. Create a matte beach texture with a salt spray on damp hair and blast-dry through with your fingers.

  2. Take sections from around the face and work two or three fishtail braids either side. To start your braid, divide your section in two and take a small piece of hair from the outside of the right side and bring it over to the centre of the left. Repeat on the other side and continue down until the braid is complete.

  3. Once you have a few braids either side pin them at the back for a fresh, face-framing feel.

Top Tip: This look is perfect for when you’re on holiday and can reap the benefits of sea salt-soaked locks.
Which products do you need?
KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray, and some hair ties and pins in a colour that matches your hair.



Professional Hair Ties, £4.95 | MiTi

Hairplay Sea Salt Spray, £13.15 (was £15.50) |KMS California

'Pin Me Down' - Hair Pins, £6 | Hersheson


What is it?
“Traditionally associated with dainty ballerinas, both bloggers and celebrities alike have fallen for the charms of this simple but chic up­-do,” says InParlour's Harriet. “It’s a go-to look for when you need to look polished in a few minutes flat or need to take control of frizzy strands”.

 Harriet’s tips for creating the look at home:

  1. Start by adding texture to the hair with Schwarzkopf 'Dust It'. Pull hair into a pony tail at the required height and tie off with a bungy elastic. This has two hooks one at either end, and is much easier than trying to tie with a normal band, especially if you’re going for a smooth, clean texture - you'll get fewer lumps and bumps. 

  2. Twist the ends and wrap around clockwise to create a bun. Grip with kirby grips or bun pins and spray with hairspray so they don't slip out.

Top Tips: Don't be afraid to pull the bun around to create more shape and texture, letting a few wisps and stray-ends fall out. It all adds to the effortless look.”
Which products do you need?
Schwarzkopf 'Dust It', bungy hair elastics, a hair brush, Kirby grips or bun pins, Elnett hairspray.

Scunci Bungee Elastics Brown x5, £3.99 | Superdrug

Airhead Maxi Taming Brush, £9.25 | Kent

Dust It Mattifying Powder, £12.95 | Osis+

Elnett 75ml Extra Hold Hair Spray, £2.99 | L'Oréal Paris