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Hair Review: Tailored by No. 5

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As ‘private’ hair salons go, this is perhaps the most private of them all. Tucked away on a residential street in Hackney, Tailored by No. 5 is fast becoming the place London’s cool girls go to when they need a chop. Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now and fashion stylist and Style columnist Pandora Sykes have both raved about it. And it’s that undone, ‘just woke up like this’ attitude that Tailored by No. 5 is making a name on.
The salon itself sits in a basement studio, all white-washed walls and design classic furniture – even the client mirror is a distressed vintage find (mottled and slightly blurred, it’s more flattering than the usual harsh reflection we see at the hairdresser).
The salon offers one chair and one stylist, whose identity so far has been kept under the radar – that is until you book, of course, in which case you’re given the address and get to meet the man himself. He’s either London’s most furtive hairdresser or a branding genius. This exclusive approach to sitting in the chair certainly adds to the experience.
Having worked in major Mayfair and painfully trendy Shoreditch salons, the stylist told us he’d had enough of big West London blow-dries and giving people hipster haircuts that clearly didn’t suit them. And so, Tailored by No.5 was born. Now he focuses on realistic haircuts that are manageable and suit his clients’ style – Lucy Williams is perhaps his perfect posterchild.  
His style is no-fuss and no-frills but there are still the little luxuries such as a glass of fizz on arrival and Sachajuan hair products. But it’s the personal and thoughtful service that really makes Tailored by No. 5 unique – appointments include a thorough consolation, taking in to consideration your styling habits, your dedication to maintenance, your style and even your job.
We left with just a trim and, for the first time ever, without a blow-dry, but we like this nonchalant, realistic attitude to getting our hair done and – three weeks later – the cut is just as manageable as after our first visit. Of course, there’s a time and a place for the big Mayfair blow-outs, but if you’re after a haircut that leaves you looking, well, like you, Tailored by No. 5 is the place.



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