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The Best Seaweed Bath Soaks

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Used for generations to naturally detoxify the body, seaweed baths are an ideal beauty treatment during the summer months.

Not only does the slippery stuff help repair your skin, fighting signs of ageing and improving conditions such as eczema, it’s also been shown to reduce cellulite. As if we needed an excuse for a soak in the tub…

Here, Dom Bridges, founder of natural skincare brand Haeckels, explains why we need to start bathing mermaid style.

What are the benefits?
Studies have confirmed that seaweed bathing helps lower body stress and relieve skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and acne. It’s also beneficial in the treatment of muscle aches and joint stiffness (rheumatism and arthritis), and excellent for some circulatory problems. Seaweed is also used in many toning, slimming and detoxifying beauty treatments. 

Why does it work?
Seaweed is one of nature's sponges and absorbs concentrates and minerals from the sea. Since seawater and seaweed contain minerals essential to the function of human skin cells, it's understandable that their topical application can be of great benefit. 

The transference of minerals works on the principle of osmosis, whereby the skin is capable of absorbing the nutrient-rich infusion through the cells. During a bath, the steam and hot water dilate your pores and blood vessels, allowing the skin to be more receptive to the minerals and vitamins from the bath.

How long should I soak for?
Forty-five minutes is usually long enough to balance your body pH, and encourage liver activity and fat metabolism. An improvement in your skin tone and colour will be almost immediately noticeable.

Check out SL’s picks of the top seaweed bath products to stock up on now. Beach season, here we come...

Detoxifying Seaweed Bath, £25 | ESPA

Rich in minerals and vitamins, this uplifting seaweed soak is ideal for those prone to cellulite and fluid retention. The formula works to detoxify your body by stimulating the lymphatic system and sweeping away toxins, while helping tone your skin.

Seaweed Algae Bath Salts, £31.99 | Guam

These detox bath salts help draw out impurities from your skin via osmosis. They contain pure 100% organic seaweed with sea salt, plus lemon and lavender essential oils to help you relax as you soak.

Traditional Seaweed Bath, £18 | Haeckels

Hand-harvested on the Jurassic coast, this pure option is packed with natural antioxidants and essential vitamins to help repair your skin.

Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath, £15.50 | Neal's Yard Remedies

Ease tired muscles and restore a sense of vitality with this blend of mineral-rich seaweed, comfrey and arnica, combined with pure essential oils of lemon, pine, juniper and lavender. 


Detoxifying Seaweed Bath Soak, £38.95 | The Organic Pharmacy

This potent mineral-rich salt soak is infused with seaweed and juniper to detoxify, purify and revitalise the body.

Lazy Days, £16 | VOYA 

VOYA’s option uses the finest organic, hand-cut seaweed, which springs back to life once soaked in hot water to release its soothing and moisturising properties.

Wildly Natural Seaweed Power Bath, 4.99 | ​The Seaweed Bath Co.

Using hand-harvested brown seaweed, this powder is designed to soothe irritated skin and stimulate your senses as you soak.

Wild Cornish Seaweed Bath, £20 | The Cornish Seaweed Bath Company 

Created using wild Cornish seaweed combined with Dead Sea Salt, you can re-use each dried and pressed bundle up to three times.