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The Best After-Sun Soothers For Body and Hair

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If you’re getting set to jet off on this year’s sunshine break, be sure to pack these multi-tasking soothers in your suitcase.

Intensely moisturising, these refreshing and replenishing wonder buys for your body and hair will help protect against harmful rays, ensuring locks stay in tip-top condition and setting you on the path to a longer-lasting, more even tan, while counteracting the risk of free radical damage and premature ageing.
From colour-safe masks to cooling lip balms, here are SL’s top picks of the after-sun essentials to try this summer.


After Sun Lip Balm, £20 | Michael Kors 

What’s it good for? Transform dry, chapped lips with this moisturising and cooling balm.

Why we love it: It leaves a subtle, pearlised shimmer to complement your sun-kissed complexion.

Sun Care After-Sun Hair Masque, £22.50 | Aveda 

What’s it good for? This intense moisturising mask helps restore sun-exposed locks.

Why we love it: It contains an antioxidant blend of green tea, organic sunflower oil and Vitamin E to help protect against future free radical damage.

Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser, £18 | Aveda 

What’s it good for? This refreshing cleanser effectively removes chlorine, salt and product build-up after a day in the sun.

Why we love it: Suitable for all hair types, this multi-tasking product is colour-safe and blended with organic coconut oils to help maintain moisture.


Aloe After Sun Soother, £11.99 | Burt's Bees 

What’s it good for? Packed with natural aloe vera, this hydrating soother will leave sun-kissed skin feeling revived and soft.

Why we love it: The quick-absorbing formula contains a blend of coconut oil, bee pollen and glycerine to help replenish your skin’s natural moisture levels.

Aloe Vera 98% Moisturising Gel, £3.70 | JASON 

What’s it good for? Containing a blend of natural ingredients, including aloe vera and chamomile, this moisturising cream leaves skin feeling hydrated and supple.

Why we love it: Enriched with herbal extracts and Vitamins A, C & E, this organic lotion also tones and defends your skin.

Sun Expert High Repair After Sun Balm, £31.50 | DECLÉOR 

What’s it good for? Designed to rescue parched skin after sun exposure, this soothing and repairing balm helps alleviate any burning sensations while reducing redness.

Why we love it: Essential oils of geranium and frankinsense help reduce signs of ageing, leaving your skin regenerated and ready for another day in the sun.



After Sun Creme-Gel for Sun Allergy Prone Skin, £13.50 | Eucerin 

What’s it good for? It contains potent natural ingredients to help shield you from harmful rays and prevent free radicals from forming, regenerating your skin overnight.

Why we love it: This clinically approved antioxidant formula was created with dermatologists to provide a shield from sun allergies, while supporting the skin’s own protection system.

Yoghurt Cooling Gel, £16 | Korres 

What’s it good for? This fast-absorbing gel delivers an instant cooling effect to calm sun-exposed skin for long-lasting comfort.

Why we love it: Enriched with yoghurt, a natural source of essential proteins, minerals and vitamins, this formula deeply moisturisers the skin’s surface, leaving it soothed and rejuvenated.

Intense After Sun Care Special Sunburn SOS Milk, £37 | Institut 

What’s it good for? Ideal if you’ve overdone it, this SOS milk has instant cooling benefits to leave sunburnt skin feeling calm and rehydrated while relieving the pain associated with overexposure.

Why we love it: It contains a hydrating complex designed to gradually make your skin less reactive to the sun’s aggressions.



Hydrating After-Sun Gel, £13 | La Roche-Posay 

What’s it good for? This replenishing and hydrating after sun helps soothe skin after a day in the heat.

Why we love it: With minimal ingredients and fragrance, this 100% hypoallergenic option is ideal for sensitive skin.

Aloe Vera Satin Shower Body Wash, £9.50 | JASON 

What’s it good for? This deeply moisturising foaming body wash soothes skin after a day by the beach.

Why we love it: It contains hydrating emollients and humectants to ensure your skin stays feeling soft all day long.

Foaming Facial Cleanser, £8.10 | Sukin 

What’s it good for? Containing pure, organic aloe vera, this natural option soothes skin to create a healthier, more youthful skin tone over time.

Why we love it: Perfect as an after sun, it can also be used for shaving and treating dry, irritated skin.



Aroma Sun Expert Soothing After-Sun Milk, £23.80 | DECLÉOR 

What’s it good for? Providing an intense dose of nourishing and repairing plant extracts, Decléor’s milky after-sun formula gets to work immediately.

Why we love it: With nourishing argan oil and melon extracts, this option helps preserve your skin’s youthfulness, prepping it for an even, longer-lasting tan.

Cucumber Gel Masque, £30.50 | Peter Thomas Roth 

What’s it good for? The non-stinging gel contains soothing botanical extracts, including cucumber and papaya, to leave irritated skin soothed and renewed.

Why we love it: The ultra-gentle formula can also be used to relieve skin after procedures, including waxing, peels and electrolysis. 

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