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Serves 4

  • 16x Leaves of Gem Lettuce,

  • 4 x Limes

  • 120g Black Quinoa,

  • 120g White Quinoa,

  • 40g Sliced Red Onions,

  • 40g Feta Cheese,

  • 20g Edamame Beans,

  • 20g Choclo Corn (or use sweetcorn)

  • 20g Spring Onions,

  • 40g Yellow beetroot,

  • 40g Purple Beetroot,

  • 40g Asparagus.


  1. Cook the quinoa in boiling water.

  2. When the quinoa opens, remove from heat, pass through a colander and refresh with cold water as quickly as possible to avoid overcooking.

  3. Cook the choclo corn, asparagus, edamame beans in boiling water until just cooked.

  4. Roast the yellow beetroot and asparagus.

  5. Mix all ingredients together and dress with a light vinaigrette made from 3 parts olive oil, to 1 part white wine vinegar.

  6. Season with Maldon salt and pepper, taste and plate – divide the little Gem between the plates and arrange the quinoa mix on top of the leave.

Courtesy of Harry Edmeades, Senor Ceviche

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