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The Best Brow Thickeners

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The trend for thicker, fuller-looking brows is going nowhere, but don’t panic if yours are more straggly and sparse than lustrous and well-defined. For eyebrows to rival Cara’s and naturally frame your face, help is at hand from these advanced growth-driving formulas.

And because eyebrows can be a beauty area met with trepidation, we enlisted the help of our expert Beauty Panel to lend us their advice.

If you’ve over-plucked, how do you go about growing your brows back?

“Leave the brow tweezing for at least 12 weeks to begin seeing your natural brow shape grow back and give it a year for full re-growth. After 12-to-16 weeks you can very carefully pluck any stray hairs that grow closest to the eyelid. You could also have your brows tinted, as the colour will latch onto finer hairs creating a fuller-looking brow shape. Just make sure the tint is the same as your hair colour, as you want brows to look natural and not heavily exaggerated. During the growing back period, use a brow growth serum daily to encourage re-growth.” – Isobel Kennedy, Make-Up Artist

How can you use make-up to fill brows in without it looking too harsh?

“Use a brow pencil or shadow in the same tone as your natural brow colour to fill in sparse areas, and then brush through with a brow comb to soften any sharp, harsh lines and avoid them looking drawn on. Finish by combing through with a brow gel to control shape, brushing upwards and outwards for a natural, full-looking finish.” – Isobel Kennedy, Make-Up Artist
From overnight serums to moisturising gels, here’s our pick of the best brow-boosting products around.


Lash + Brow Growth Stimulator, £24 | Model Co 

Filled with active ingredients, including castor seed oil and Vitamin E, this formula promises to deliver more luscious-looking brows after just 28 days of continuous use.

Clinical Lash and Brow Enhancing Serum, £90 | Elizabeth Arden 

This intensive overnight treatment has been proven to encourage swift eyebrow growth while also dramatically increasing the length, thickness and overall lustre of your lashes. 

Brows Lash and Brow Booster, £39.50 | Make Up by HD 

Enriched with a powerful peptide complex, this transparent lash and brow booster moisturises strands, leaving them looking thicker, fuller and longer.


Perfecting Brush Brow Gel, £18 | Eyeko 

With a nano-brush and botanically-enriched formula, this tinted gel easily defines browse for a natural finish while helping to condition and thicken hairs.

Eyebrow Conditioner, £91 | RevitaLash 

A daily treatment designed to promote strand strength, resilience and suppleness, minimising the likelihood of hair breakage to enhance the look of even sparse and over-plucked brows.

Fibre Brow Enhancer, £19.99 | Silk 

This enhancer works by sculpting your brows with hundreds of tiny fibres combined with ultra-fine coloured powder to deliver an instant, eyebrow extensions effect. 


Brow Enhancing Serum Advanced, £22.63 | Anastasia Beverley Hills 

This enhancing serum can be applied before make-up to gradually encourage hair growth and prevent breakage thanks to its high-tech formulation.

Brow Nourishing Oil, £8.25 | Eylure 

Containing organic essential oils to promote healthy hair growth, this nourishing treatment should be applied overnight to help nourish and condition brows as you sleep.

Eyebrow Renewing Serum, £133 | M2BEAUTE 

Formulated with Black Sea Rod Oil to naturally stimulate hair growth, this innovative serum promises thicker and healthier-looking brows.




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