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Botanics Trend

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Succulents, terrariums, cacti… When it comes to greenery there’s not much that hasn’t been a fringe interior trend this season, and now green and leafy design notes are set to expand into all aspects of decorating well into 2016.

From palm-print furniture and finishing touches, through to greenhouse-inspired wallpapers and botanical art work, the new wave of stylish abodes are showcasing the best of nature.

Best when paired with a neutral backdrop, metallic or industrial accents, and natural materials, such as dark wood and rattan, just have a scroll through our gallery for inspiration and take tips from our Interiors Panel, who we've enlisted to ensure we nail the look.

Are there any rules to the trend you should abide by?
“Plants are an easy and affordable way of introducing the trend into your home. Choose between making a statement with one large piece like an indoor fig tree in the corner of a room, or if you want a more subtle touch, use small pots of different sized plants but of the same time. Line them up and always group them three pots at a time.” – Camilla Hampton, Interior Designer
What colour palette or materials work best alongside botanical pieces?
“Although it may seem obvious, greens and neutrals work well alongside botanical pieces. Introduce some colour, texture and different finishes through your containers; a beaten copper pot for example will add warmth and depth.” – Louisa Penn , Louisa Penn Interiors

“Fresh greens and whites work brilliantly with botanical pieces. In terms of materials, I find that a lush velvet looks great juxtaposed with a botanical print if you want a bit of drama, otherwise use natural fabrics like cotton and linen with wooden and sisal for a more organic look.” –Mary Graham, Salvesen Graham
How is it best to style botanical prints at home? 
“Botanical prints can be quite “full on” so I’d recommend using them sparingly. The perfect place would be as upholstery on an occasional chair, or if you want to embrace the trend in a more tentative way then a pair of scatter cushions would be a quick and easy way to add impact to an existing scheme without committing yourself.” – Mary Graham, Salvesen Graham
What’s a cheap and easy way to channel the trend ?
“Succulents are an easy, low-maintenance way of dressing a space and will work in almost any room in the house. They are ideal for a bathroom; place a small succulent by the side of the bath for a fresh, clean look. Or for more of an 'impact' look, place a larger, statement succulent on a coffee table.” – Louisa Penn , Louisa Penn Interiors
“Succulents and terrariums are cheap and need very little upkeep. They’re also versatile and can complement a variety of interiors especially with the choice of their container, from mottled grey glass votives and copper plant pots to crackled glaze and concrete planters.” – Charlotte Wood, Founder and Floral Designer at Wild Wood London


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