My Day on a Plate: Spoon Cereals |

My Day on a Plate: Spoon Cereals


While we all know a bowl of muesli or granola is a great way to start the day, the on-the-go varieties can often taste so-so. Thank goodness for Spoon Cereals’ boxes (the duo behind the brand received investment after appearing on Dragons’ Den), which have turned desk-eating brekkies into a seriously tasty treat.
We asked one half of the genius pair, Annie Morris, for her day on a plate, and the (beautifully illustrated) results are below. Healthy eating has never looked so appealing…


My obsession with granola and muesli means that I go to bed at night looking forward to a bowl for breakfast the next morning. It’s sad but true! My breakfast ritual nowadays is a bowl of oat porridge with a sprinkling of our cinnamon and pecan granola and plenty of berries or a chopped banana.


My ethos on coffee is that if you’re going to enjoy a cup – which I do each morning as it lifts my mood and keeps me focused – it needs to be made-to-perfection with top quality beans. The flat white from St Clements in Parsons Green (who use ozone coffee) is consistently good and one of my go-to morning work spots.


Jonny (the other half of Spoon Cereals) and I work from his flat on the days that we’re not meeting people or running pop-ups and events. Today I popped out to a local café down the road for one of their incredible salads, which are made fresh each day and available to take away. I went for their sweet potato frittata with a chickpea and broccoli side salad.


With just the two of us running the business and being all things to all people, there is not much structure to our days, which can be pretty full on. When I do find time for a break in the afternoon I’ll enjoy a mini ‘mugful’ of thick yoghurt – my new favourite brand of late is The Collective, with either muesli, granola or a mix of both, as well as some extra fruit, nut and seed toppings.


Dinner this evening was poached salmon filets, buckwheat noodles with a sesame, soy and lime dressing and a sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds, coriander and chilli flakes. I sometimes finish with a bit of dark chocolate straight from the fridge in the evening for a little sweet kick.