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Hair Styles That Take Minutes in the Morning

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If your daily hair styling routine usually involves nothing more than a quick brush and a swipe through with the straighteners, check out our definitive guide to five different 'dos that will quickly (and easily) boost your look.

From chic messy buns to deceptively simple halo braids, we've asked our Beauty Panel of expert hairdressers for the ultimate morning hair how-to...

Messy plait

How to do it: 

1. ‘Prep hair with Bumble and Bumble Prep and some thickening spray,’ says Neville Hair & Beauty session stylist Stephen Lowe, who’s worked with Olivia Palermo and Whitney Port.

2. ‘Smooth through with paddle brush and hairdryer.'

3. ‘Then take medium/large tong and curl hair backwards on both sides, coming away from the face but allowing each piece to sit and frame the face.' 

4. ‘Spray on some Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish to give a more tussled look.'

5. ‘Section hair into three sections at the back of the head and plait down to the ends.' 

6. ‘Allow any shorter hairs to fall out for a soft finish.’
How long will it take?
10-15 minutes

Products you’ll need:

Bumble and Bumble Prep, a thickening spray, curling tongs, Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish, hair elastics 

Easy Half Halo

How to do it: 

1. ‘Section the hair from the top of the ear drawing a line throughout the crown down to the opposite ear, isolating the back section,’ explains Marc Trinder, Art Team Director at Charles Worthington, who heads up the team at LFW shows and backstage at the BAFTAs.

2. ‘Start on the left hand side, by the temple, and divide a small section of hair into three strands.' 

3. ‘Start to French plait across the hairline picking up and adding in the hair as you plait. Make sure this is an inch in depth from the hairline.' 

4. ‘Secure with a small elastic band at the end of the plait behind the ear and let the rest of the hair fall.’

5. ‘Now let the isolated section at the back of your head down and gently tong or wand with a GHD Curve to create a messy wave.’

How long will it take? 
15-20 minutes

Products you’ll need:
A pintail comb, section clips, tiny hair bands, a GHD Curve

Low Messy Bun

How to do it: 

1. ‘Apply some Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil to the ends of the hair and a volumising mousse from the roots through to the tip,’ says hair stylist Sam Burnett, Creative Director of Hare & Bone.

2. ‘Blast your hair dry ensuring you direct airflow down the hair shaft. Use your fingers to create body at the roots and a large round natural bristle brush to smooth out the ends slightly.’ 

3. ‘Using a medium size tong, take random sections and loosely curl.’

4. ‘Blast the roots with a body building texturising finishing spay.’

5. ‘Leave the front hairline out and backcomb the roots, paying particular attention to the crown area. Using your fingers loosely secure a ponytail at the nape with a hair band.'

6. ‘Tuck some of the loose hairs from the front behind your ears and backcomb the pony, pinning it back on itself for extra texture.' 

How long will it take? 
20 minutes

Products you’ll need:
Kérastase Elixir Ultime oil, a volumising mousse, a hairdryer, medium tongs, a body building texturising finishing spay, a large round brush, hair band, x2 kirby grips


How to do it: 

1. 'Lightly spritz all the hair with salt spray to create some texture in the hair and a relaxed, un-done look. This spray will also make the hair feel thicker with more grip, which will help the style stay in place,' says celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie.

2. 'Section off the top of the hair using your tail comb to create a horizontal line from ear to ear.'

3. 'You will now need to knot this top section of hair – create a loop, then partly pull through the hair, so that the original loop tightens and secures the base and ends of the hair.'

4. 'Secure the ends of the hair to the knot using the hair grip, and allow the knot to hang gently at the back of the head.'

How long will it take?
5 minutes

Products you'll need: 
A texturising salt spray, a sectioning comb, a hair grip

Pinned Back

How to do it:

1. ‘Take a horseshoe section of hair at the crown and separate it into two further sections, one at either side,’ says Michaela Galvin, senior stylist at Jo Hansford

2. ‘Backcomb the rest of the horseshoe section lightly to add some lift.’

3. ‘Take the two separate sections, smooth them out and wrap them around to the back of your head, before pinning securely into place.’

4. ‘Finish with Jo Hansford Illuminoil to tame and loose flyaways and add shine.’

How long will it take?
5-10 minutes

Products you’ll need: 
A hairbrush, hair pins, Jo Hansford Illuminoil

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