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1. A friend was due to go back to work pretty quickly after number two – only trouble was he wasn’t sleeping through and being a working mother is hard enough without sleep deprivation. She rang up an agency and said, ‘I need some help to get my little one through the night’ and they sent her Brenda…. 

‘She is a bit like Gina Ford on speed(!),’ my friend told me. But he was sleeping from 7 until 7 within 48 hours. 

I have never met Brenda, but I have recounted this story to several mums at their wits end who have gone on to use her and the results have generally been the same. 

Before the abuse comes flying in, I know routines aren’t for everyone but they were for me because I needed sleep and to know that when I was at work, things at home were running smoothly. (Please note, Brenda does not come into your home and leave your baby to cry all night.) You can find more information about Brenda here. 

2. From routine to exercise – I’ll leave the latter to the experts at, save to say that I am a massive advocate for frequent exercise, including during pregnancy. It gave me energy, kept me mobile up until the end (although I eased off on the level) and despite my growing bump, made me really feel good – not something many pregnant women naturally say during that long nine-month stretch.  Clearly it’s all about safety so read on for parenting websites Mybaba’s dos and dont's. You can read the full article here.

  • Exercising during pregnancy can be very beneficial but it should be to maintain fitness rather than to increase fitness levels.

  • Research has shown that moderate exercise has no known adverse effects on your baby. On the contrary there are even some studies suggesting that regular exercise enhances baby weight.

  • As long as you have been exercising right up to the beginning of your pregnancy, you can simply carry on with your fitness regime during the first trimester – without going over the top, of course.

  • Throughout your pregnancy it is important to keep reassessing your exercise routine, according to how you are progressing. There are all sorts of reasons why exercise might suddenly no longer be appropriate,

  • It is important to eat well when you exercise in pregnancy. 

  • Be sure to maintain fluid intake when exercising. Water carries nutrients through your blood to your baby.

  • Do NOT overheat or exercise in hot conditions as research suggests that this can have adverse effects on your baby’s development. 

  • Do not hold your breath when performing exercises as, again, this is not good for your baby, and it also places pressure on the pelvic floor.

  • During pregnancy – especially early pregnancy – you may feel faint when standing up suddenly – so get up slowly from the floor if doing mat-based Pilates or yoga exercises. 

  • In the first trimester you can carry on with higher impact exercise, such as jogging, aerobics, dancing, circuits – whatever your fitness favourites are – just so long as this was something that you were already doing.

  • In trimesters two and three, lower and non-impact exercise is advised, although some mums-to-be who have, for example, been running consistently through pregnancy may feel fine to carry on. 

3. If you’re at home over the summer holidays then I love that Abel & Cole have launched a weekly Kid’s Cook Box offering a healthy, light, fun and easy twist on classics, plus some new and more adventurous recipes to inspire little palates.  Of course, it’s all sugar free and organic – what a novel way to get children involved in food whether they’re a toddler or a teen. 

The Box is delivered weekly, costs £13.50 and contains the complete ingredients, recipe cards, cooking tips and additional recipe ideas and online videos.

4. I came across these Lullabuy Sleeping Bags on NOTHS and had to share them. At just over £80 they’re not cheap, but talk about a baby shower gift to rival all others. Plus they can be used as a buggy foot muff too. 

5. A new weekly newsletter, Local Mummy, has recently launched and lists what’s on for children in their local area for the week ahead. Discover shows, activities, child-friendly venues and some discounts too. It’s only South West and Central London for now, but there are plans to expand.  

6. Finally back to the subject of working mothers…. And a new Harvard study that has found daughters of mothers in paid employment have better careers and more equal relationships. OK, so like all these things you take it with a pinch of salt, but I always feel quite proud when Coco likes to discuss where she is going to sit and what she will have for lunch when she is bigger and comes to work in my office. Plus working mothers beat themselves up enough so a bit of a positive PR can only be a good thing.  




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