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Home Fragrance Diffusers

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Could your home benefit from an atmosphere-enhancing boost?

Ensure your living space smells gorgeous this summer with a stylish diffuser.

Most use natural ingredients and essential oils to provide a subtle fragrance to your living space, from the bathroom to the bedroom, without overpowering the senses. 

More cost-effective than our trusty scented candles – and fire-hazard free – these long-lasting home additions are statement pieces in their own right (hello, Tom Dixon), perfect for injecting Pinterest-worthy style to your coffee table. 

From high-tech electronics to elegant reed diffusers, here’s our pick of the most ambient home accessories to invest in now. 

Wick and Tallow Sandalwood & Rose Diffuser
Price: £50
Scent: Essence of rose, peony blossom, mandarin with geranium and notes of sandalwood, amber and musk. 
Why we love it: This purse-friendly option smells so good you'll want to order more.  

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser - Earth
Price: £84
Scent: Mint, cedar and guaiac wood. 
Why we love it: The chunky charcoal stick looks simple and stylish against the hand-blown black glass vessel. 

Dr Vranjes Fragrance Diffuser Decanter – Rosso Nobile 
Price: £199
Scent: Red wine essence with herbs and spices.
Why we love it: It’s one of the most long-lasting options around with a 9-month lifespan. 

Lalique Fragrance Diffuser - Vetiver - Bali, Indonesia
Price: £72
Scent:  Vetiver, incense, cedar and pine needles
Why we love it: It comes in a beautifully presented box, making it a great gift option. 

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser - Orientalist
Price: £65
Scent: This Oriental-inspired blend evokes the aroma of an Indian wedding with hints of rose petal and cinnamon mixed in with the smell of Chinese herbal markets.
Why we love it: The sleek brass diffuser has a classic yet contemporary finish.

True Grace Manor Room Diffuser
Price: £48
Scent: Fig with notes of mandarin, cassis and cedar 
Why we love it: This understated fragrance works across your home, from the bedroom to bathroom. 

Dyptique Hourglass Roses Diffuser
Price: £100
Scent: Rich rose and sweet florals
Why we love it: This discreet option adds an elegant hint of floral fragrance to any room.

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser – London
Price: £65
Scent: It evokes the red bricks and parks of London, alongside a salty echo of the Thames.
Why we love it: The on-trend copper effect will liven up neutral interiors. 

Baobab Collection Chinese Ink Fragrance Diffuser
Price: £89
Scent: Century wood and jasmine
Why we love it: The scent has a dramatic and sensual quality, making it perfect for the bedroom.

LAFCO House & Home Duchess Peony Powder Room Diffuser
Price: £96
Scent: Peony, cassis and camellia
Why we love it: The pretty pastel pink diffuser injects colour to contemporary rooms. 

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser – Air
Price: £84 
Scent: Pink pepper, white tea, neroli oil and orange flower
Why we love it: The light and crisp floral scent is feminine yet understated. 

Archipelago Fruits de rouge Diffuser
Price: £45
Scent: Red currant, rhubarb and acai 
Why we love it: The striking pink reeds pop against plain walls. 

Culti Heritage Broccato Fiorentino Dolcedro Reed Diffuser 
Price: £75
Scent: Lemon, frankincense and thyine wood
Why we love it: The soft aroma fills your home with Mediterranean-inspired warmth. 

Tom Dixon Scent Diffuser – Water
Price: £84
Scent: Watermelon and amber musk 
Why we love it: The maritime fragrance works perfectly in bathrooms. 

Selfridges Fornasetti Sardine Bianco Scent-Diffusing Sphere
Price: £295
Scent: Top notes of thyme and lavender with an orris and cedarwood middle, and a base of balsam, incense, birch and labdanum.
Why we love it: The striking sardine pattern makes this arty, statement piece both fragrant and decorative. 

Diptyque Electric Diffuser
Price: £240 
Scent: Choose between multiple Diptyque fragrances (sold separately)
Why we love it: This high-tech option diffuses three short bursts of fragrance per hour to subtly and effectively scent larger spaces. 

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Diffuser
Price: £58
Scent: Rich fruits, pink pepper and spicy woods
Why we love it: Enjoy the cult fragrance throughout your home. 

Millefiori Ultrasound Diffuser
Price: £55
Scent: Choose from multiple water soluble fragrances (sold separately)
Why we love it: You can easily alter the fragrance intensity to suit your tastes and living space.  


Inspiration credits: FashionByNikita.se, RockMyStyle.co.uk