Must-See Film: Diary of a Teenage Girl |


It’s not often a coming-of-age film causes a stir on social media, but Diary of a Teenage Girl – the new indie hit that’s already been a success stateside – is doing just that.

So why the hype? Set in 1970s San Francisco, the film tells the story of the precocious 15-year-old Bel Powley (Minnie Goetz) who embarks on an enthusiastic sexual odyssey, beginning with her mother's current lover, the 35-year-old Monroe, played by Alexander Skarsgård (who turned up at the film’s premier in drag, no less).

With its intimate stance, candid camera work and realistic approach, it has earned an 18 certificate as a result, making this a legitimately grown-up take on the hormonal emotions that many teen girls go through.

Throw in an all-star cast (that also includes the hilarious Kristen Wiig) and a Sundance-award-winning director, and it’s no wonder critics from The Guardian to The Hollywood Reporter are reckoning it to be a future cult classic.

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