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10 Ways to Stay in Shape on Holiday

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In the run up to a summer holiday, we’re all about cramming in last-minute gym sessions so we can feel at our most confident poolside. But, once we’re out in the sun, fitness goals tend to go out the window faster than you can say, “another Aperol Spritz por favor”. 

That said, many of us need an exercise fix to feel at our most relaxed, so jetting off needn’t mean saying goodbye to your regime completely. Whether you’re chilling by the beach or living it up on a city break, there’s no reason why you can’t stay in shape with these 10 easy health hacks from TheBlondeAbroad.com

1. Sightseeing run 

One of the best ways to discover a new city is to wake up early and go for a run. Not only are you getting your exercise in, but it’s your alone time to discover the streets and nooks and crannies while everyone else is still sleeping. Head back to your hotel after your run for a shower and coffee and you’re ready to hit the town knowing exactly where to go.

2. Yoga 

Yoga is popular all over the world for a reason – it’s good for your body, mind and soul. Taking a yoga class on your travels is not only great for keeping you in shape but it can be fun to see how different instructors make each class a different experience. You can use Lululemon’s Om Finder app to find a yoga studio wherever you are in the world.

3. Use the stairs 

This is a very effective work out for both cardio and strength, and can be done inside or out. Maybe you have stairs in your hotel or there could be a famous monument with loads of stairs in the city you are visiting. Set a time limit (20-30 min is completely effective) and run up and down those bad boys as fast as you can. 

For some extra oomph, do them “suicide” style, meaning you head up the first flight, then back down, then back up to the second floor, and back down...working your way all the way up. Repeat as many times as necessary.

4. Hike 

Hiking not only provides us with amazing scenery and fresh air, but it can also be a challenge for the body, and that’s a good thing. Make sure you have the right shoes, are dressed appropriately and pick up the pace to get that heart rate up.

5. Try biking 

If your day plans involve getting out of the city centre and heading into neighbouring villages or visiting a location a few miles away, choose to make it a bike trip rather than using a car. Just make sure you get a map or use your phone’s GPS, wear a helmet and be safe on the roads.

6. Walk vs Bike 

Same idea here: if you originally planned to bike around the city, and if time allows, opt to walk instead. There are also loads of amazing walking tours around the world (and often, they’re free). Download a free Pedometer app for your iPhone for some added satisfaction. When I’m exploring a new destination, I easily walk 3-4 miles a day without even noticing.

7. Beach/Water Sports 

If your destination is near a body of water or pool, there are several things you can do in the water to get your heart rate up. Swimming laps is always an awesome full body workout. If you’re more of a land person, run on the beach in the sand and, for a challenge, switch it up by running through the water just about ankle deep. The sinking sand and water resistance will create more intensity. Kayaking is another awesome sport in the water that’s great for the core and upper body. 

8. Join in Local Activities 

In regions like Asia, it’s very common to see the locals gathering in the parks or other public places to practice Tai-Chi and dance. You’re also guaranteed to find locals (in nearly every corner of the world) playing a friendly game of soccer in a local park or pretty much any open space, so don’t be afraid to jump in and participate. They are typically passionate about their practice and are more than happy to share it. Also, many cities around the world are getting into CrossFit, which provides a high intensity workout in a short period of time.

9. Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is a fun, challenging and effective workout. If it’s offered nearby, I strongly suggest checking it out. Just make sure you have a good instructor that gives you the basic technique and teaches you the vocabulary for climbing. 

10. Hotel Room HITT 

I got this workout from a personal trainer friend of mine. It’s a great exercise if you’re craving an intense workout with a limited amount of time. Bonus: you don’t even have to leave your room. 

Work your way through the following exercises with reps of 25-20-15-10, as fast as you can. This means you go through the routine four times, and your reps drop by five each time. 

- Burpees

- Sit-ups (sit all the way up, not just a crunch)

- Push-ups

- Squat jumps (do a full 90-degree squat, explode in the air and land back in that deep squat)

- Tricep dips (grab a chair or a ledge for these)

- Mountain climbers

- 45-second plank

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