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How To Keep Your Trainers Pristine

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If you struggle to keep your favourite Nikes or Stan Smiths looking box fresh (that’s probably all of us, then…), we may have found the perfect solution. 

US brand Jason Markk, who has quietly developed a cult following with sneaker freaks thanks to its stain-beating wonder products, has now officially made its way into the mainstream – no doubt because trainers have become the ultimate footwear must-have in recent seasons.

The range’s star product has to be the Repel Water and Stain Repellent spray, which creates a breathable barrier to repel liquid and stop stains from forming without changing the look or feel of your kicks.

Watch it work its magic in the video below – it’s genuinely effective on everything from canvas to leather. 

With quick-fix wipes and an essential cleaning kit also available, both gym lovers and fashion trainer fiends should invest pronto for effective trainer maintenance. 


The Kit

Watch the video below to see this wonder product in action...





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