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How To Make Your BBQ Healthier

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This time of year calls for sun-drenched, rosé-fuelled afternoons in the garden with good friends and an old-fashion BBQ, but the onslaught of grilled meats, creamy side dishes and white flour buns can often leave you feeling more groggy than gregarious. 

If it’s your turn to fire up the barbie, try incorporating coconut oil into the mix for a healthier take on the UK’s favourite summer pastime.

An ideal substitute for butter and cooking oils, it’s well suited to cooking at high temperatures since it stays stable and doesn’t oxidise as easily, making it a far less fatty alternative.

Plus it’s easily spreadable, totally organic and delicious.

Read on for five BBQ hacks that use this wonder ingredient.

Use it as a BBQ Glaze
For a twist on standard sugary BBQ sauce, try using coconut oil in a glaze. Just combine the oil with paprika, lemon, honey and seasoning to create a simple and tasty topping – perfect for slathering onto chicken legs and thighs. Plus, by using coconut oil as your glazing alternative, you’ll be giving your gut a helping hand as it's packed full of ‘skinny fats’, which are more likely to be burned as energy than stored. 

Oil The Meat
Use coconut oil instead of olive oil to baste your BBQ meat before cooking. It’ll help the food cook, prevent your BBQ bites from getting stuck and make it easier to clean the grill at the end. Fish is especially tricky to stop sticking, so brush lightly with coconut oil before placing it on a bed of sliced lemons to get a subtle zesty flavour and added goodness.

Create a Healthy Tropical Relish 
Create a waistline-friendly relish by combining finely chopped onion, green pepper, pineapple chunks and seasoning over a medium heat in coconut oil for about 30 minutes. Deglaze the saucepan with vinegar and add some lime zest, mustard and garlic. Pour intoa bowl, let it cool, cover it and refrigerate until it’s BBQ time.


Keep Salad Dressing Pure and Simple
Just drizzle coconut oil onto your salad or create a fresh dressing by adding a dash of white wine, vinegar and lemon for a sharp yet sweet kick. 

Don’t Forget The Spread
Use coconut oil instead of butter on toasted burger buns. Not only is it low in cholesterol, but it’s the perfect tropical topping during the summer months.




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