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Whether you’re desperate to get to the back-end of a bad cut or simply long for a thick curtain cascading down your back, make the most of your hair-growth potential with our pick of the most powerful lock boosters around. 

While a protein-packed diet, regular trims, conditioning treatments and ditching those straighteners are the real must-dos for getting your locks as long as possible, give your strands a helping hand with these high-tech products. 

From carefully blended supplements loved by the A-list to follicle-stimulating shampoos and nourishing serums, here’s our pick of the most powerful hair-maximisers around for locks to rival Rapunzel’s. 

Fountain The Hair Molecule, £35 | Fountain 
This strand-strengthening supplement contains a potent mix of biotin and silicone, which work together to encourage rapid hair growth, while hyaluronic acid helps preserve moisture for healthier locks from within. 
3 More Inches Pre-Wash Treatment, £49.50 | Michael Van Clarke 
Created for hair damaged by repeated styling and colouring, Michael van Clarke’s cult pre-wash treatment helps naturally rebuild older strands from within for longer, stronger and younger-looking hair. 
PK4 Hair Dietary Supplements, £25 | Philip Kingsley 
Enriched with soya protein, a source of essential amino acids needed to product keratin, this supplement from scalp health authority Philip Kingsley is designed to work with the natural growth cycle of your hair to enhance strength, shine and body over time. 
Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment, £56 | Serge Normant 
Designed to strengthen cuticles and prevent breakage, this nourishing treatment helps restore strands from root to tip and contains coconut oil to invigorate new hair growth. 
Grow Strong Hair Oil, £29 | Mauli
This treatment oil stimulates your scalp, activating the follicles at a cellular level to reconstruct, protect and deliver intense hydration to even the most dry, damaged hair, ultimately leading to thicker, stronger locks. 
Aveda Exfoliating Shampoo, £22 | Aveda
Renew your scalp and remove the daily build-up clogging pores with this organic exfoliating shampoo, designed to help prevent hair loss and promote growth for thicker and longer locks. 
Hair Growth Serum, £29.99 | Grow Gorgeous 
Massage this ultra-concentrated growth serum onto your scalp to transform the length and texture of your tresses. It contains a potent mix of ingredients proven to boost hair growth by 78% in three months.
Phytophanere Capsules, £35 | Phyto
Containing a nourishing mix of the vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants needed for healthy hair growth, these daily capsules help hair regain both density and shine. Bonus: they’ll also fortify lashes and strengthen nails. 
Maximum Strength 1 Month Supply, £49.95 | Viviscal
Used by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, this natural food supplement is designed to maintain hair growth from within, providing the essential nutrients needed to stop loss and promote thickness. 
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