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​Make a Dresser Modern

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They’re a key piece of furniture, but more often than not the humble dresser can end up looking pretty boring – a place to hide away seldom-used crockery or to display a few solitary knick-knacks.

Start afresh with a new dresser (we heart this OKA beauty), or show your current one a bit of love with our round-up of inspiring storage ideas, plus tips from SL’s crack team of interior experts. Never has storage looked so chic…

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What should you showcase in your dresser?
“Chic dressers are made for showcasing exquisite glassware collections - whether these are finely-shaped glass champagne flutes or colourful cut-crystal martini glasses. Make sure you display these in a simple setting within your dresser. They can also be featured alongside larger items such as carafes and decanters.” – Jamie Horton, MD of Harlequin London

“Pieces with a story, a sculptural form and clean, simple lines work well – think ceramics such as raku, which give a clean yet textured feel. Lovely simple glassware, like antique absinthe glasses from France, also work well as they have a story and a satisfying solidity.” – Katrina Phillips, Katrina Phillips Design

“You can change what you display and how you display it depending on the seasons.  By adding a few brightly coloured pots to a neutral collection you can give you dresser a cheerful summery touch, then add sparkling glassware and stacks of crisp white linen for winter.” - Gail Taylor, Creative Director at Studio Online
“I’m definitely of the ‘less is more’ ethos. Choose items that add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral room, for example groups of pale marble discs, free form glass pieces in jewel colours and a large Hunan crystals in vibrant shades work well.” – Louise Bradley, Lousie Bradley Interior Design

"In the kitchen, it has to be china. In the bathroom, store lotions, potions and towels and in the living room, a dresser is the perfect home for books and photographs." – Jane Churchill, Jane Churchill Interiors Ltd.

How can you curate it so it looks chic?
“Keep it simple. Arrange plates in piles and place something dark next to something light. In terms of shape, offset a circular piece with a straight line, use varying textures and tonal contrasts. Tone over colour will ensure you dresser looks elegant.” – Katrina Phillips

“When curating your dresser, be creative. If you’re displaying ornamental plates, make sure these are visible from afar and not stacked on top of one another. Match colours and juxtapose shapes for a vibrant look.” – Jamie Horton

“Regardless of what objects you choose to display, make sure you mix heights so that you create breathing space between each group.” – April Russell, April Russell

What rooms does they work best in?
“Kitchens and open-plan sitting rooms.” – Katrina Phillips

“A bedroom, reception room, library, or even a wide corridor or landing.” – April Russell




Borgia 2 Door Display Cabinet, £1539 (was £2055) | Baker And Stonehouse
Grey Painted 'Worcester' Glazed Display Cabinet, £1200 | Willis & Gambier 
Kartell Ghost Buster Cabinet, £538.50 (was £634) | Houseology
Espen Tall Glass Cabinet, £599 | John Lewis
Stockholm Glass Door Cabinet, £275 | Ikea
Double Cadenet Cupboard, £2,875 | Oka
Lene Bjerre Classic Wall Cabinet, £792.50 | Houseology
Fabrikor Glass Door Cabinet, £150 | Ikea
Amelie Glazed Display Cabinet, £999 | John Lewis
Gillespie Glass Cabinet, £2,585 | Skandium
Detolf Glass Door Cabinet, £40 | Ikea 
Lene Bjerre Glass Cabinet Grey, £1,936.50 | Houseology
Selva Downton Collectors Cabinet, £3,170 | LuxDeco
Nornas Glass Door Cabinet, £110 | Ikea
Casement Glass Display Cabinet, £1,285 | Oka
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