De-Stress with a Colouring Book |

De-Stress with a Colouring Book


Now before you go closing your browser, hear us out. De-stressing colouring books are officially a thing, and there’s plenty of science to back us up, too.

Publications like The Huffington Post and The Telegraph have already highlighted the positives of said colouring books, citing various scientific studies that have proven their ability to combat stress and alleviate tension. 

So why the trend? While you may already have fond, nostalgic memories of using them as a child, colouring books have been found to allow long-suffering adult workers the chance to relax after a hard day's work, too.

This is because they’re not only concentrating on the therapeutic task in front of them – leaving the brain no time to worry about a nagging boss or financial crisis – but they also afford them the opportunity to release creative energy which many don’t have the opportunity to do during their working day.

Everyone from French women based across the Channel to mindfulness fans in the UK are jumping on the bandwagon, and we’re eager to put the science to the test. If you are too, take a gander at these de-stressing colouring books, from the mindfulness-approved like Colour Me Calm to the tongue-in-cheek like the Colour Me Good range.

Well, any excuse to look at Ryan Gosling is okay by us...

Colour Me Good Benedict Cumberbatch, £6.40 | I Love Mel

The Mindfulness Colouring Book: Anti-stress art therapy for busy people, £3.85 | Emma Faararons 

Giant Colouring Poster for Grown Ups - La Vie, £9.90 | OMY Design and Play

Colour me Good London, £7.50 |I Love Mel 

Yves Saint Laurent Colouring Book, £5.99 | Yves Saint Laurent

Colour Me Good Ryan Gosling, £7.50 | I Love Mel

Colour Yourself Calm: A Mindfulness Colouring Book, £3.99 | Paul Heussenstamm

Giant Colouring Poster for Grown Ups - Patchwork, £9.90 | OMY Design and Play