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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you can’t have missed the juice trend. From A-listers to yoga bunnies, everyone has been glugging down a glass of the good stuff – and we’re not talking about a glass of OJ.

American duo Meryl Zises and Lily Rogath are the two women behind Imbibery, the juice company adored by the style set, and the brand that’s made drinking raw stuff cool.

SL sat down with the girls to chat cold-pressed juice benefits, top detoxing tips and how to get glowing skin. 

How did you get into cold-pressed juicing?
We were both living in Europe and couldn't find a delicious cold-pressed juice in London. We finally decided that if the only way to get a cold-pressed juice (without committing to a full cleanse) was by making it ourselves, then that’s what we’d do!

What are the main benefits of cold-pressed juicing vs. regular juicing?
Cold-pressed juice is a technique where juice is extracted from fruits and vegetables in order to hold onto the maximum amount of nutrients and enzymes. Most juices — even those that are supposedly ‘freshly-squeezed’ — are heated and processed in such a way that they lose a lot of their healthful characteristics, whereas cold-pressed juices are crushed and pressed in a two-step process, so that the highest level of nutrients is maintained. That’s why the likes of cold-pressed juices, which are raw and unpasteurised, are highly perishable and have a shelf-life of three days.

Are there any particular benefits for the skin?
Yes, cold-pressed juices are incredibly nutrient-dense (we crush 2-3 kg of produce into one of our large bottles) and packing that many nutrients into your diet certainly shows. They’re really hydrating and full of vitamins, which is why so many of our Imbibers have gorgeous, glowing skin!

Can other foods be cold-pressed? What are the benefits of this?
They sure can! In our gazpacho, for example, we cold-press the juicier ingredients and blend the others to create a nice, substantial consistency. 

Is cold-pressed juicing useful for those wanting to detox? How does it help? 
Yes, because cold-pressing extracts the juice from the fibre, they’re extremely easy to digest and go right into your system. By drinking nothing but raw juice, shots, and dairy-free ‘mylk’ for a period of time, your digestive system can take a complete break. The macronutrients, micronutrients, and phytonutrients packed into these bottles can then be absorbed by your body in the most effective and efficient manner, so you’ll find your cravings for processed ‘unclean’ food will dissipate and your appreciation for whole, plant-based food will elevate. Not only that but you’ll be more aware of what you consume after this and realise that you may indeed unnecessarily overeat or under-eat nutrient-dense food.

Are there any particular ingredients which should always be included in juice blends or are particularly good for skin?
You can’t beat a green juice, especially if it contains dark leafy greens like spinach. It’s incredibly nutritious and has a smooth flavour that is very palatable and blends well with other ingredients. Cucumber is a great option for hydrating skin, is a rich source of silica that promotes the production of collagen and is even great for your energy as it’s high in vitamin B.

Are there any other ingredients which make a great addition to juice blends?
We’re big fans of coconut oil which we use in two of our nut mylks. It’s great for both body and mind and is also a healthy fat, which burns other unhealthy fats, aids in digestion and regulates your metabolism. 

Are cold-pressed juices useful if you're looking to lose weight? How can they help? 
Definitely! As we mentioned before, a cleanse can be a great way to kick off a new healthy eating plan, but also adding juices into your diet can be excellent for gaining nutrients while also curbing craving. We often recommend, for example, that you have a juice before going out to dinner as it will fill you up with amazing nutrients and you will be less likely to over-eat, while those with a sweet tooth should try a ‘mylk’ as a replacement for a pudding.

When in the day should you have cold-pressed juice?
Any time! We like to start the day with a juice and they’re also perfect as an afternoon snack.

Should you have the same juice every day or it is better to mix things up and change them depending on the season?
That's really up to you. When seasons change, your cravings may change, though we love ginger shots for their warming capabilities in the winter and a pure cucumber juice as a refreshing drink in summer. If you’re aiming to be healthier green juices are a great, regular option, but we also find that our Imbibers find a few favourites and become #coldpressedobsessed. Most importantly, find one you love! It should be something you crave - not dread. 


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