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The 10 Interiors Trends To Know Now

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Much like fashion, interior design trends come and go, but developing a Pinterest-worthy home is all about recognising the ones to buy into and those to avoid. 

From the colour of the season to the must-try storage solution, this handy guide from breaks down the top ten interiors trends of the moment, so you can rest assured your living space is on-point for 2015... 

1. Sectional Sofas
Sure, the sectional is the stuff of family rooms circa 1987. But it’s back and in a big way (much to our approval). As living rooms move away from formal environments to more relaxed spaces for lounging, we’re all for a sofa that lets us sprawl out.

2. Oversized Art
We love a well-curated gallery wall as much as the next person, but the minimalist trend that’s gaining popularity in the fashion world is also quickly translating into home decor. The newest trick is to feature just one standout piece above your bed, sofa or console table, rather than a slew of photos.

3. Bold Blue
Mediterranean-inspired blue is having a moment. Whether you use the shade in your kitchen, playroom or beach house, be sure to pair it with light, neutral upholstery and floor coverings so the room appears bright and balanced.

4. Open Shelving
Grab-and-go shelving is not only chic and striking, it also makes mealtime prep a breeze. When planning your kitchen, think about all the items you’d be proud to display – and that you can realistically keep organised. Put these things (say, your classic white dishes) front and centre, hiding anything ugly in more traditional closed-door cabinetry.

5. Freestanding Tubs
Bathtubs have been declining in popularity for years, but there has been a rise in freestanding tubs for a small subset who still enjoy an evening soak. Whether you go modern or stick with a vintage style, this space-saving bath not only looks appealing but also allows you to have both a tub and a walk-in shower in the same bathroom.

6. Smart Homes
For the truly tech-savvy, programmed lighting, locking and HVAC systems (all of which can be controlled from a smartphone) are very much in demand. We’re particularly keen on the Canary alarm system, which lets you spy on your place and sends you alerts when things seem “off”.

7. '70s Decor
The decade of avocado kitchens and wood-panelled dens is coming back into vogue –although with decidedly modern twists such as subtle geometric wallpaper and plush shag rugs.

8. The All-White Approach
Clean and simple is still important, but not necessarily in a contemporary style. This year, we’re seeing all-white kitchens and living rooms with a much cosier feel as opposed to the stark atmospheres of the past (think rustic white cabinets and sheepskin throw blankets over the couch).

9. Blonde Wood Furniture
Turns out, blondes do have more fun. The mid-century modern’s understated pale wood is still very much accepted in 2015. Blonde wood looks great with white walls and pastels, but it also fits in surprisingly well with non-Scandinavian themes (for example juxtaposed with dark wood and black furniture).

10. The Tandem Sink
The Interiors world seems obsessed with having two kitchen sinks of late. Our advice? Toss dirty dishes into one and keep the other free for cooking prep.

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