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In this digital age that we live in, online business ideas and start-ups have never been more popular. From the flexible working hours to having no need for a bricks and mortar store or office, digital companies often carry less risk and come with far less overheads.

If you’ve got the idea but are apprehensive of how to market yourself and get your brand name out there, read on for our wealth of advice from Gemma Swain, Managing Consultant at  EJF Search. From how to build your brand through networking to why you should be tightening your Facebook settings, here are her top ten tips for managing your professional online brand. 

Google yourself
First things first, you need to know what people see if they run a search on you.  If you go for a job interview, your prospective employer will almost certainly run a search on you and first impressions can be hard to shake off.

Tighten up your privacy settings
Ensure your Facebook profile is private so only your friends can see what is written on your wall, remember you don’t have any control over what your friends write or what they tag you in so this is really important.  If you don’t change your privacy settings anybody will be able to see your profile.

Friends or colleagues?
Being Facebook friends with colleagues can be risky, although you may become good friends with people you work with, you may not want your boss to see photos of you after a few too many at the weekend – consider a no colleagues on Facebook policy to keep things simple.

Profile photos
Make sure that your profile photo gives a good first impression of you and projects a professional image.  Get somebody to take it for you – no selfies! Although this is particularly important for Linkedin – remember that even when your profile is private on Facebook – anybody can see your profile picture, only your wall is hidden.

Consider using an anonymous Twitter handle
How you need to pretend to be someone else, but avoid having your full name as your Twitter handle particularly if you follow political or controversial people.  Consider having two accounts if you like to use twitter for both personal and professional networking.

Positively boost your visibility
Share and like interesting articles posted by influential people in your professional network, the more active you are on Linkedin, the more searches you will appear in.

Become an industry expert
Start writing a blog about topics relevant to your industry and promote it to your network on your Linkedin profile.

Accuracy of information
Ensure your Linkedin profile is up to date and accurate, recruiters and prospective employers will check your online presence including your job titles and skills.  We would recommend you update your profile regularly to ensure you’re contacted about relevant opportunities.

Skills and experience
Linkedin gives you the opportunity to promote your skills to recruiters and potential employers - to ensure you don’t miss out, make sure you include your key skills, experience and achievements on your profile.

Network, network, network!
Grow your professional network by connecting with past and present colleagues and relevant industry contacts when you meet them.



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