The Best Running Apps |
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Looking to add an extra boost of motivation to your morning jog? Whether you’re training for a big race or simply lack the will to keep going when it’s just you and your headphones, check out our pick of the top running apps to download now. 

With options out there for beginners, marathon runners and everyone in between, up the ante with these seven high performers to help you track your progress, improve your technique and smash through your goals. 

Bupa Smart Runner

Price: Free 

What it does: Designed for all levels, choose between three types of randomised workouts – hill runs, sprint runs and cross-training runs – to add variety to your normal jogging routine.  

Why we love it: You can keep a log of any pains or niggles and access advice from Bupa experts to help prevent injuries. 


Candence Trainer

Price: £0.79

What it does: This clever apps helps improve your cadence for a more efficient running style, reducing the risk of injury. Select your chosen cadence and it will play over your music, so you can match your strides to the beat.  

Why we love it: Cycling fans can also use this multitasker to improve their biking technique. 


Nike + Running

Price: Free

What it does: Whether you’re training for your first 10k or simply hoping to set a new personal record, Nike’s offering helps you track your runs and reach goals with training programmes and daily workout ideas. 

Why we love it: It uses your phone’s GPS and accelerometer to accurately measure your distance, pace and time, and gives you a progress report every mile with in-run audio feedback. Plus you can upload images from before, during and after your run to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the ultimate smug workout selfie. 


Strava Run 

Price: Free 

What it does: As well as tracking your distance, time and speed via your phone’s GPS, this option is great for helping you find running routes and even lets you map your own. 

Why we love it: It provides filtered leaderboards, arranged by age and weight, so you can see how you stack up against other users. 


Tempo Run

Price: £0.79

What it does: This smart option categorises your phone’s library into levels based on their tempo, allowing you to easily match your running pace to the right beat for a more exhilarating workout. 

Why we love it: Studies show that running to the exact tempo of your music increases cardiovascular output by 15% so this is basically like having a personal trainer in your pocket.  



Price: Free 

What it does: This multifunctional option offers something for everyone no matter your level: it helps you keep track of your vital stats and provides comprehensive training plans. 

Why we love it: Regular audio updates will tell you how many calories you’ve burned in real time – talk about motivating. 


Zombies, Run!

Price: Free

What it does: Bear with us, because this may sound a little on the ridiculous side but will definitely up the fun factor. This immersive running game has you completing ‘missions’ as you try to outpace the undead. 

Why we love it: Every time you begin to slow down, you’ll hear the zombies’ guttural breaths through your headphones – wacky but definitely performance-boosting. 

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