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Struggling to get enough good quality shut-eye?

We’ve all heard that avoiding caffeine and alcohol is the best way to ensure a great night’s sleep, but did you know there are some drinks out there which could actually help you drift off more easily? 

Containing natural sleep-enhancing ingredients, here’s our pick of the top blends to whip up before bed to help you relax, unwind and catch those elusive 40 winks. 

Cherry Coconut Smoothie

Tart cherry juice is thought to help increase melatonin levels, with clinical studies suggesting it could help decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep, while increasing the number of hours spent slumbering and improving daytime alertness to boot. Try this easy, low-calorie cherry smoothie for an instant soporific hit. 

Paleo Horchata 

Almond milk is said to be high in sleep-inducing nutrients, including magnesium and tryptophan, making it helpful for improving the quality of your slumber. Make things a little more interesting by mixing up this Paleo-friendly ‘Horchata’, a new take on the traditional Mexican blend, which includes almond milk, ground cinnamon and vanilla extract. 

Sleepy’s Steamed Milk

A mug of warm milk is an age-old bedtime ritual but step things up and boost the quality of your rest with this blend, which uses powerful almond milk with cinnamon and honey to really up the ante.

Hot “Chocolate”

Hot cocoa is another bedtime classic, but if you really want results try substituting traditional chocolate for carob powder instead, as this recipe suggests. Carob boasts a similar taste but has the added bonus of being packed full of B vitamins to help regulate your body’s sleep-wake cycles and up serotonin levels. Come morning you should wake up to a better rested, happier you. 

Cherry Almond Smoothie

Double up your drink’s sleep-inducing powers by combining cherry and almond milk in one with this tasty smoothie recipe. 

Chamomile and Lavender Tea

Chamomile is one of the most popular natural sleep aids around thanks to its relaxing properties, while studies have proven that the scent of lavender helps us unwind. Blend the two ingredients together in a steaming mug for instant calming results. 

Lavender Milkshake

Perfect for those who prefer cooler drinks, combine the relaxing aroma of lavender with serotonin-boosting almond milk for a sleep-inducing double whammy. 

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And if you’re too tired to even consider whipping up one of these bedtime drinks before hitting the hay, shop one of these three shop-bought, healthy blends to ensure you’re counting sheep in no time. 

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