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SL tried and tested the latest haircare innovation to hit John Frieda salons. If you’re suffering from lacklustre, damaged or over-treated hair or a case of dreaded split-ends, read on…

Where: John Frieda salons on New Cavendish Street and Aldford Street.

What: A new salon haircare service that knocks traditional intensive conditioning treatments out of the park. Years in the making, Olaplex is the brainchild of a group of California-based scientists. The aim? To nourish and repair the hair from the inside out by targeting the hair strand’s structure, rather than coating the surface like regular treatments do.

The three-part treatment actually reconnects the broken disulphide sulfur bonds (that’s the science-y bit that gives hair elasticity and strength) and rebuilds them back together.

These bonds are broken when the hair has chemicals applied to it (those guilty of over-colouring or over-styling, raise your hands) but Olaplex stops the splitting in its tracks before further damage can occur.

What to expect: Olaplex is ideal for those that colour their hair but suffer the consequences. The first of the two-part treatment can actually be mixed with your colour and applied to the hair this way (although you can have the treatment done post-colour, too), before being rinsed off and second hit of the powerful treatment being applied.

The result: Even beauty sceptics will be won over by the power of this treatment. Our hair was super shiny straight after the treatment with some serious added bounce and a glass-like look. The third part of the treatment (a less concentrated version that can be used at home) has continued to bring some life back into our locks post-salon visit.

Anything else? Make sure you do use the third treatment at home at least once a week because it makes all the difference. And it’s worth remembering that the treatment stops working after another lot of colour is applied (unless you use a natural or vegetarian dye), so consider this when booking in for your next touch up and try and work an Olaplex treatment in at the same time. Oh, and remember to book in for a blow-dry when you have the treatment, too, unless you’re blessed with naturally glossy locks.

Cost: Prices start from £50

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