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8 Different Ways to Use Your Touche Éclat


YSL’s cult Touche Éclat has long been a firm fixture in every makeup bag worth its salt, but if you’ve just been using this trusty pen to banish under-eye circles, you’re definitely missing a trick.

From enhancing your pout to slimming your features, our expert Beauty Panel of top makeup artists explain how to make the most of this cult buy...

1. Accentuate cheekbones

“Use Touche Éclat as a highlighter, applying it on the high part of your cheekbones to accentuate them. Blend in and upwards to avoid any harsh edges.” – Kelly Cornwell

2. Cheat a fuller pout

“Touche Éclat is great for accentuating your pout. Just add some product to the back of your hand and, using your finger, dab it just along the rim of your lips, above the Cupid’s Bow before applying your lipstick or gloss of choice.” – Antonia Rudebeck


3.Illuminate your complexion

“Treat your Touche Éclat as an all-over highlighter to illuminate your skin. Starting just between your brows, use your fingers or a foundation brush to blend a little upwards and outwards towards the centre of your forehead. You could also try dabbing some on the centre of your chin.” – Isobel Kennedy

4. Brighten eyes

“As well as using Touche Éclat under your eyes, apply it to the inner corners (where skin is likely to have a blue hue) to make your peepers look more awake.” – Kelly Cornwell


5. Make eyeshadow last

“Pat a thin layer of Touche Éclat over your lids to act as a sheer, brightening base for eyeshadows, which will help them last longer.” – Isobel Kennedy

6. Disguise Wrinkles

“Touche Éclat is a great tool for helping disguise wrinkles, particularly laughter lines and crow's feet. Simply apply a small amount to reflect light away from the area you don’t want people to notice.” – Jenny Coombs 

7. Balance your features

“To balance you features, try applying Touche Éclat in a vertical line down the front of your nose to lengthen and slim its appearance.” – Kelly Cornwell.

8. Contour Your Face

“Multiple shades of Touche Éclat are now available, which means you can use a darker option than your skin tone to contour your face. Just make sure you blend properly with a fluffy brush to ensure it looks as natural as possible.” – Jenny Coombs 


Touche Éclat, £25

Inspiration credits: WMagazine.com,  NYXCosmetics.com, YSLBeautyUS.com, Sussle.org