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Planning to call your future bundle of joy Amelia or Oliver? You’re not alone, because the UK’s most popular baby names of the year have been announced and those two classics are, once again, top of the list.

Other top picks for boys included Harry, Charlie and George (lots of Royalists out there, it would seem) while the likes of Olivia, Isla and Emily were up there for the girls. And Victoria Beckham proved herself a leader in the trend stakes yet again, with Harper making its way swiftly up the rankings. 

Amusingly, popular culture seems to have influenced lots of parents – with Disney’s hit film Frozen inspiring tons of mini Elsas, while 53 little girls were more worryingly named Khaleesi after Emilia Clarke’s character in the cult show Game of Thrones. Oh dear...

Top 10 Baby Names, Boys and Girls, 2014


1. Oliver
2. Jack
3. Harry
4. Jacob
5. Charlie
6. Thomas
8. Oscar
9. James
10. William 


1. Amelia
2. Olivia
3. Isla
4. Emily
5. Poppy
6. Ava
7. Isabella
8. Jessica
9. Lily
10. Sophie

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