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Let’s face it, our hair game isn’t exactly at its strongest after a gym session. With few styling products on hand and a queue for the hairdryers (not to mention a serious lack of GHDs), it can be tricky to tame our manes into anything resembling a stylish coiffure.

Whether you’re sprinting out of the locker room with towel-dried locks or struggling to keep frizz under control, check out our pick of the easiest hair styles to adopt post workout.

Chic Loop

1.      Create a strong centre parting and comb a shine spray (if you have straight hair) or a flexible gel (if your hair is thick, wavy, or curly) from roots to tips.

2.      Brush your hair into a super tight ponytail at the nape of the neck. As you secure the ponytail with an elastic, only pull your hair halfway through on the last rotation to form a loop.

3.      You should have at least two or three inches of hair left at the ends. (If you have long hair, it'll be more like four to five inches.) Holding the loop in one hand and the ends in the other, wrap the remaining hair around the base.

4.      Slide in two to three bobby pins to secure the hair, criss-crossing them underneath the elastic just like you would if you were wrapping a piece of hair around a ponytail.

5.      Finish by working a bit of gel or shine spray between your hands and smoothing it over the top of the head to calm any frizz.


The Bun Ladder

1.      Spritz some spray gel from root to tip to give hair texture as it dries. Using a wide-tooth comb, spread the gel throughout the hair as you comb it backwards, away from the face.

2.      Place your index fingers at your temples and section off the hair by pulling it straight back towards the crown. Where the fingers meet at the back of your head, this will create your first section.

3.      Twist the sectioned-off hair tightly, until it starts to fold in on itself, creating a bun.

4.      Use a small pin (or two, if you hair is really thick) to secure the bun.

5.      Place your index fingers just above your ears and draw them toward the back of your head to create your second section. Repeat the prior steps to create another bun.

6.      Take the remaining hair and create your final bun, directly below the first two.

7.      Spray your hair again with the gel to reactivate the tackiness and texture, then use your fingers to scrape through the hair, all around the head. Finish with hairspray to hold.


The Swooping Bun

1.      Add some gel to your hair and create a slightly off-centre parting using a wide-tooth comb.

2.      Comb back the sides around your ears.

3.      Gather hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck and secure with an elastic.

4.      Run your fingers through the top of your hair and wiggle them to help define your parting.

5.      Loosely twist the hair

6.      Hook your fingers near the top of the twisted tail and wrap the hair upwards.

7.      Continue twisting the hair into a loose figure-eight. It should be a bit droopy and hanging down. Pin in place.


Tied-Up Top Knot

1.      Create a high ponytail about where you like your topknot to sit.

2.      Split the high pony into two sections.

3.      Tie the hair in a half knot above the elastic.

4.      Now tie it in another half knot behind the elastic. It’s easy to do this on wet hair. Much easier than it is on dry hair.

5.      Take the ends that are left out and wrap them around the front. Tuck and pin them underneath the bun in front.


Upside Down French Twist

1.      Start by working several handfuls of mousse into wet hair from roots to ends.

2.      Gather all the hair at the crown of the head like you were going to make a ponytail and roll it down toward the nape of the neck.

3.      Tuck any remaining hair up into the twist and insert four to five large, U-shaped pins to secure the style. As you pin, slide them through the edge of the roll and back into the seam in a quick right-to-left motion to keep them from falling out.

4.      Finish by gently massaging the top and sides of your head with your fingers. 


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