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Daisy London Chakra Bracelets

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Loved by editors, bloggers and celebrities alike, Daisy London, based in the capital, has quickly become the go-to brand for fashion-forward jewellery with a spiritual grounding, and its collection of Chakra bracelets has now reached icon status. 

A chic interpretation of Buddhist symbols, all of the body’s seven Chakras are represented in the label’s extensive wrist candy offering. Each one boasts its own unique energy, from the Solar Plexus (associated with personal power, confidence and self-control) to the Throat (linked to truthful expression, loyalty and organisation). 

Others include the Brow (connected to insight and releasing negative thoughts) and the Heart (resonating with love and forgiveness). The bracelets are designed to balance these specific energies, so the idea is to choose the symbol which speaks to you and your personality the most in order to achieve spiritual harmony and flow. 

With multiple bracelet options to choose from – including the Classic Chakra, set on a braided coloured cord, and the luxe Chakra Chain, featuring a stylish chain in 925 sterling silver, and gold or rose gold plate – nothing comes close to this bestselling accessory for spirit meets style.

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Inspiration credits: Pinterest.com/DaisyLdn, US.DaisyJewellery.com