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Much like fashion, interior trends are pretty cyclical, which might be one reason why wood panelling is back on the design radar for 2015/2016. 

Instantly installing warmth and richness to a room, the contemporary take on panels is both characterful and fashion forward. If you love the look but are unsure how to inject a dose of retro cool in to your own home, look to these tips from our interior panel of experts. 

We love the effect that wood panelling creates. Do you need to have original wood panel walls already or can you simple create them?
"Even if you don't already have panelling in your home, you can get the look on a smallish budget by using architraving and a clever carpenter. You can even create the effect of wood panelling with wallpaper."  Camilla Hampton, Camilla Hampton Interiors

If you don't want to do a full wall, what about a half wall instead?
"Sure. A full wall has great impact, however a half-height wall works well if you have high ceilings as it adds interest in a large room. It can also create a better proportion to show art works and feature wall lights."  Louise Bradley, Louise Bradley Interior Design

Is it expensive?
"It really varies depending upon how it is done. Obviously it is more expensive than just painting a wall but the impact is fantastic. Panelling really sets the tone and feel of a room which is difficult to do with paint alone." – Louise Bradley

What kind of rooms does it work well in?
"It always works well in a hallway, stairs and most living rooms. I also love it in a study or library." – Louise Bradley

Finally, which are the best paint shades to use on our panelling?
"It really depends on the room", says Bradley. "A pale shade works well in a large space with abundant natural light. In contrast, a dark panelled study can also be stunning and very atmospheric. Because of the way that panelling creates light and shade, it is important to choose a paint colour carefully." 

"I tend to think painting the panelling in darker colours like navy or slate grey is more contemporary", adds Hampton. "Plus it can be used when there are no other original features in the room."

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