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SL Reviews E-Pulsive

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Struggle to find the time to work out as often or effectively as you should? Well how about a 20 minute full-body workout that equates to five hours of exercise… Sound too good to be true? SL’s editor went to find out…

So what’s the buzz?
Right now, it’s all about E-Pulsive, a new personal training company which has bought EMS (Electical Muscle Simulation) training, Germany’s exercise phenomenon favoured by the sporting elite, to London.

And what exactly IS EMS training?
A full-body workout using impulse current. Normally when you exercise the brain sends signals to the body’s muscles to bring about contractions; in EMS training the electrical impulses cause a contraction in your muscles, which in combination with exercise, make it far more effective than your average workout. In short, it’s the go-to workout for time-poor Londoners.

Here’s what happens:
An E-Pulsive mobile trainer comes to your home or office with an EMS machine and what looks like a wetsuit vest and some velcro pads. You put on the vest whilst they strap said pads around your thighs and upper arms and hook you up to the machine.

From there on, you are in their hands…. Slowly but surely, the trainer builds up the intensity of electrical impulses that come your way for four seconds, every four seconds. For exactly 20 minutes all that is required of you is a few very simple, gentle moves like lifting both arms above your head, some half squats, a bit of a Superman manoeuvre and so on.

Does it hurt?
Honestly, no. It does feel weird however. 'A bit like Power Plates?' someone asked us… Hmmm KIND of but waaay more intense. 

Inhaling and exhaling at the right time is important or you do experience a bit of a shock in your abs when the impulse hits but at no point is it painful and very quickly you’re accustomed to the pressure.

So does it tackle cardio or muscle?
Both. And it’s up to the individual based on what they want to achieve. For weight loss, the stimulus increases metabolic and enzyme activity improving circulation which reduces body fat and transforms how the body uses calories.

If like us you want to tone and improve your muscle definition then EMS works by reaching target muscles with such accuracy that mass (more defined muscle) is achieved to far greater effect than normal.

And how do you feel the next day?
We were sceptical something so speedy could really produce results. 24 hours later and our aching muscles were doing the talking…  Even someone pretty fit that doesn’t tend to feel their muscles after a weights session in the gym will feel the effects following 20 minutes of EMS.

Finally, how long does it take to see results?
Eating a clean and balanced diet, after just four sessions, our abs – notoriously the hardest part of the body to tone – were noticeably more defined. No wonder Usain Bolt and Rafael Nadal are fans. We have a feeling this might catch on. 

Price: £60 for one session or reduced to as much as £35 when a course is booked.

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