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9 Workouts with a Difference

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Bored of that barre class or thundering along on the treadmill? Give your new year wellness regime a serious boost with our pick of the best workouts with a difference. 

From surfing to stretching with your dog, these nine options will definitely give your motivation the kick-start it needs...


Drop the Pom 

A far cry from cheesy cheerobics, Gymbox's pom pom class is a non-choreographed but fast-paced endurance workout designed by an urban cheer group. 

Visit Gymbox.com 




Using electrical muscle stimulation, E-Pulsives personal training classes give you the equivalent of a five-hour full body workout in just 20 minutes. Think of it as a WAY more intensive take on the Power Plate.  

Visit E-Pulsive.co.uk 





Doing downward dog takes on a whole new meaning at Doga, a fusion yoga class which incorporates your furry friend, as seen on Made in Chelsea.  

Visit DogaMahny.co.uk 



Hula Fit 

Tighten that core with this fun but effective hula-hooping class – as well as burning up to 600 calories per session, you'll have abs of steel in no time.  

Visit HulaFit.com 



Morning Gloryville 

Raving and yoga aren't an obvious combo, Morning Gloryville's energising (and sober!) morning classes won't fail to give you a high. 

Visit MorningGloryville.com 



Oxygen Freejumping 

These trampoline-based workouts are high-intensity but low-impact to help you burn fat and tone while quite literally jumping for joy.  

Visit OxygenFreeJumping.co.uk 




Play like a kid again with Rabble's remixed, old-school games – from British Bulldogs to Dodgeball and Capture the Flag, you'll forget you're even working out.  

Visit JoinRabble.com 




Surf's up – the latest fitness craze from LA has made its way to our shores. Jump onto a simulator board to balance your way through a series of core-engaging moves.  

Visit Gymbox.com 



The Altitude Centre 

Push your body to the limit in one of The Altitude Centre's gruelling Group Cycle classes. Taking place in a reduced oxygen environment, this short but intense workout will not only improve your overall fitness but help your body burn fat. Think of it as hard-core mountain biking, minus the chair lift.  

Visit TheAltitudeCentre.com


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