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The Best Barre Classes

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The trend for ballet-based workouts is still on point, so get ready to channel your inner prima ballerina with our pick of the best Barre classes out there. Barre workouts not only tone and lengthen your limbs, but will also improve your posture, so it’s no wonder the likes of Alexa Chung and Alessandra Ambrosio are die-hard fans. 

Here are nine of the best to book now...

Paola’s BodyBarre

Where: Fulham 
What: SL Wellness Panellist Paola di Sanzo will have your bum looking perkier than ever with her high-intensity Cardio Barre class, which aims to help you burn 600 calories in just one session.
Price: From £22


Where: London and Manchester
What: A-listers flock to Barrecore’s studios for founder Niki Rein’s ballet-yoga hybrid, barreASANA, a more “zen” take on the traditional, which will nonetheless make you work up a sweat. 
Price: From £20


Where: Across London
What: She’s worked with Elle “The Body” MacPherson, so we’re not surprised Heartcore founder Jess Schuring’s classes are so in-demand. Try her latest offering, Barre45, for a full-body workout in under an hour.
Price: From £17 


Where: Notting Hill (or your living room)
What: As its name implies, this toning option uses small but effective movements to help you sculpt a longer, leaner frame. Can’t make it to class? Just sign up for one of the online sessions instead. 
Price: From £28


Where: Richmond
What: If your little girl fantasy was to dance professionally then Barreworks is for you – classes include elements from professional ballet training. 
Price: From £25

Everybody Ballet

Where: Across London
What: No matter your level, Everybody Ballet’s classes draw on classical techniques combined with core strengthening moves to leave you feeling poised and powerful.
Price: From £25

Frame Barre

Where: Across London 
What: Boost your flexibility with Frame’s Pilates-inspired offering, which uses isometric movements to stretch out your muscles as you burn fat. 
Price: From £6 

Ten Barre

Where: Across London
What: This free-flowing class combines tough training moves with elements from Ten’s signature Pilates programme to refine your upper body and bum to perfection. 
Price: From £30 

XTend Barre

Where: Mayfair
What: Hailing from the States, this energetic dance-Pilates-ballet fusion will put you through your paces. 
Price: From £13


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