My Day On a Plate: Alexandra Dudley of Punch Foods |

My Day On a Plate: Alexandra Dudley of Punch Foods

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Artist, yoga lover and all-round foodie Alexandra Dudley is the founder of Punch Foods. Our go-to for office snacking, the brand offers healthy seed mixes as an alternative to the bland, tasteless options for people with special dietary needs and intolerances. With a philosophy that optimum nutrition shouldn’t compromise taste, her 100% natural, gluten and dairy-free range of Superseeds (which come in pouches and handy on-the-go tubes) are perfect for healthy eaters who want to eschew those ‘health’ snacks that are actually full of sugar.  

Alongside her burgeoning brand, Alex’s Instagram page is quickly growing momentum in the wellness world, with her latest delicious, calorie-conscious treats artfully snapped at regular supper clubs and fashion events. Read on and discover what she eats day-to-day, from time-short lunches to guilt-free snacks… 



Before anything else in the morning I'll have a cup of warm water with lemon and a splash of cider vinegar – it really helps to flush the system. Often I have homemade muesli made with gluten-free oats, topped with lots of nuts, seeds and warming spices, or scrambled eggs or smashed avocado with sautéed spinach. And I love a smoothie bowl – I try to keep them pretty green and use mainly vegetables, then add in some chia and Sunwarrior protein to give it a little sweetness. When it gets colder I prefer to eat something warm like savoury porridge, topped with an egg for extra protein. 



I try to squeeze a green juice into my day if possible. My office is right by The Juice Well and their ‘no sugar greens’ is my absolute favourite. I love a good cup of coffee but have to say I’m a bit of a fusspot and Starbucks just won’t cut it. My regular fuelling spots are are Timberyard or Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. 



I love making the most of leftovers for lunch. Often I’ll whip up a colourful salad using roasted vegetables like carrots, beetroot and red peppers, cooked the night before, and topped with a touch of cumin and paprika. I team this with some form of protein – usually oily fish like mackerel – but if I haven’t got anything to hand at home then it's a quick trip to Pret or Itsu and grab one of their pots. 

Once a week I treat myself to lunch out in Soho. My favourites include Ethos, Mojo, Sesame Food and the Detox Kitchen.  



I love creating new dishes and my boyfriend is often the guinea pig – although I don’t think he minds! Like everyone, there are days where I can’t be bothered and I’ll generally make my failsafe bowl of greens in tahini with eggs. I love them scrambled, boiled or poached, so I just pick a type depending on what tickles my fancy that evening. 

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