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How To Blow-Dry Your Hair At Home

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Ever spent hours battling with a hairdryer, trying desperately to achieve that salon look at home? From split ends to flat fringes, we’ve all experienced the horror of trying to recreate a professional blow dry from our own bedrooms.  Thankfully Anushka Lakhani, the brains behind luxury Kensington blow dry bar AER Blowdry, is here to help, giving us her top tips on how to achieve that covetable style, without the salon prices. Check out her advice for perfect tresses at home.

1. Start with freshly washed hair. The key is to use a good volumising shampoo that won’t weigh the hair down. We recommend Oribe Magnificent Volume to cleanse the hair followed by Oribe Magnificent Volume conditioner applied to just mid-length and ends of the hair.
2. After cleansing your hair, towel dry and apply a volumising spray to the roots. Massage the product in so it is evenly distributed. We recommend Kerastase Volumifique Spray.
3. Rough-dry hair so it is 60% dry. Use a nozzle on your dryer.
4. Using a medium sized bristle brush, start blow-drying from the front section of the head. Blow-dry the sections forward from the roots, wrapping hair around the brush to create the movement (not forgetting the ends).
5. Using medium sized Velcro rollers start your sections from the front of your head and taking sections back away from the temples. The smaller the sections, the more volume you can achieve and it allows for easier control of the hair.
6. Once your section is dry, repeat this method down the head to the nape of the neck.
7. Then move to the side sections of the head, sectioning from behind the ear. Split this into 2/3 parts depending on hair thickness. Continue drying and adding in the rollers.
8. Once all the hair is in rollers, leave them to cool down.
9. Remove the rollers from the front where you started and follow around the head.
10. Once rollers are all out, drop your head back, separating the hair with your fingers slightly and shake gently through the hair. If you have thinner hair try to let the curls drop naturally, as the volume will fall out quicker.
11. Finish with a light hair spray for hold. We recommend Oribe Superfine Hair Spray.


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