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10 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

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Whatever your age and stage, if you are in a committed relationship, one thing’s for sure –​ it is constant work. While you were dating there were sweet texts and date nights, but once you’re committed those things can all too often get a bit forgotten. Don’t get us wrong, there’s comfort in being committed, but sometimes we risk becoming too comfortable, and things like romance can get knocked off the priorities list.

Maintaining a strong relationship takes focus. Here are 10 tips for yours courtesy of Founder and CEO of Marriage.comMalini Bhatia. 

1. Be giving
Let your spouse or partner have the remote, pick the restaurant, or talk you into hiking that hill. These are just a few ways to be giving but in essence, you are forgetting your own needs for the moment and offering up your time and love to them. This doesn’t mean you get railroaded; it means, in that moment, the other person is more important than something you may want. In the end, you’ll feel good for giving.

2. Listen
In the process of becoming a couple, we tend to talk about anything and everything. Over time the newness can wear away and discussing everything can feel like more of a chore. Take active steps to avoid this, and don’t immediately offer advice. Be open and listen to your significant other, being sure to really hear and comfort them.

3. Have realistic expectations
When we are looking for a partner, we have this perfect picture of what they will be like. Funny that we never envision them as having any faults. But of course, they are human and we have our own faults, too. The key to having a healthy relationship is having realistic expectations of each other. It’s ok to help each other be better, but don’t expect perfection. You’ll just be disappointed.

4. Love unconditionally
Sometimes we get into point scoring only wanting to be loving when the other person has acted lovingly towards us. That is a recipe for a very unhealthy relationship. Love unconditionally. This means being the first to give a hello kiss or being the first to say "Im sorry". Loving no matter what creates a much happier environment.

5. Make love
Sex is great, but more important than just sex is making love. Really connect when you are in those intimate moments. Let go and consider your partner’s needs, too.

6. Communicate kindly
What sort of tone do you use when talking to your spouse? Be careful you aren’t snippy or short with your significant other. Even if the content of what you are saying is fair, your tone speaks volumes. Our partners know us well enough to read between the lines. Communicate kindly for a more loving and healthy relationship to blossom.

 7. Forgive and forget
It’s not fair to keep bringing up old hurts. Be sure to really forgive, and then forget. When new issues come up, don’t bring up the past. Focus on the issue at hand. The faster you can forgive and forget, the quicker you can move on.

 8. Spend quality time together
Maybe evenings and weekends are the only time you get together, so make them great. Some days, all you want to do watch TV together. That’s fine, but be sure to plan fun as well. Get outdoors, attend an event, or take a class together. Be active and do something where you are learning. It will stimulate your minds and help you connect in new ways.

 9. Say nice things
Sure, you show each other you love each other. But it is important to say it out loud too. Say, “I love you” and pay each other compliments regularly too. They lift our spirits and make us want to be better people. Plus they help us feel closer to the person who said them.

 10. Don’t let other things get in the way of your relationship
Sometimes we get distracted and in this modern age, it’s pretty easy. Smart phones, tablets, working too much, planning too much…They all can keep us from focusing on our relationship. Sometimes neglect can be the killer. Don’t let that happen. Put those things aside and pay attention to what truly matters.


About the author: Malini Bhatia is the Founder and CEO of Marriage.com, a website dedicated to providing value in every marriage. Marriage.com provides resources, information and a community that supports healthly, happy marriages. Malini has global experience in international management and communications, and lives in Los Angeles with her husband of 11 years and two daughters.

Inspiration Credits: Thyme-Is-Honey.com, PlayBuzz.com, RuthieDean.com