Probiotic Teas For A Healthy Gut |
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Probiotics, or so-called ‘friendly’ microorganisms, are essential for a healthy gut and maintaining the right balance of bacteria in your system. So if you want to get your daily fix hassle-free then check out our latest discovery: Daily Cultures.

Offering one billion good bacteria in just one cup, these multi-tasking teabags will turn your morning cuppa into a vital part of your wellness routine. Whether you favour traditional breakfast brews or love herbal blends (choose from peppermint or green tea), these probiotic bags make supplementing your diet a doddle.

Don’t worry, the bacteria themselves are totally tasteless so you won’t notice the switch – but your gut definitely will. Just add boiling water and brew for one to three minutes as normal for an instant health boost.


Breakfast Tea, £3.50 
Green Tea, £3.50 
Peppermint, £3.50
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