The On-Trend Shelf Styling Trick |

The On-Trend Shelf Styling Trick

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If, like us, you’ve fallen for the open shelving trend, you’ll be equally taken with the new development that’s been populating Pinterest of late – painting said shelves the same colour as your walls.

An easy way to make a room look cohesive, airy and modern, it not only provides storage where there is none, but has the added bonus of creating a chic perching post for your most curatable accessories.

Want to rock the look in your own home? Harness our Interior Panel’s know-how with their tips below…

Why bother painting shelves the same colour as your walls?
“With pale and neutral colours, having shelves painted the same colour as the walls can definitely make a room look bigger – especially with alcove shelving – as it gives the room a greater sense of depth. It also gives storage more of an aesthetic, with items looking as though they’re floating against walls.” — Jane Churchill, Interior Designer, Jane Churchill Interiors

“It creates a neat, uniformed look and can add drama if painted in a bold colour. By painting the shelves the same colour as the wall you’re also allowing the items on the shelf to stand out.” — Sam Hood, Founder and Creative Director of Amara

"It's a technique that can be used to stop the shelving or cupboards being a feature so your eye can be drawn to somewhere else." — Camilla Hampton, Interior Designer, Camilla Hampton


Where does it look best?
“Integrated shelving can work well in most rooms – living rooms, dining rooms and bathrooms. Of course, open shelving needs to be kept neat and well maintained; they aren't a good option for hiding junk!” — Sarah Ellison, Interior Designer, Frank & Faber

“It works well in rooms that require lots of shelving or joinery like a study or a library/snug, where you often paint the whole space in one colour. Also a drawing room or living room with simple joinery makes it into more of a gallery space where you can showcase your favourite items." — Nicole Salvesen, Salvesen Graham

“Any room really, but it is great fun in a children’s room or bathroom – somewhere where ‘the more storage the better’”. — Jane Churchill


What shades would you suggest for this look?
“In an office or study you can go bold – a green or teal for instance, works well. However in a larger space opt for a more neutral shade." — Nicole Salvesen

“Pale colours like whites, creams and pinks if you’re wanting to create space.” — Jane Churchill

"We love painting the walls in Skimming Stone by Farrow and Ball and the shelves in All White Farrow and Ball for a clean, modern aesthetic". — Lucy Clark, Olive Design Studio

"A soft neutral shade will form a subtle background to a crisp and fresh room while darker shades – Farrow & Ball Railings – are a good contrast to colourful books." — Sheena Notley-Grifffiths, Head of Studio, Helen Green Design


Railings | Farrow & Ball

All White | Farrow & Ball

Skimming Stone | Farrow & Ball
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