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How To Stay Zen When You’re Really Busy

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Trying to stay calm when you’ve got a hectic schedule can be tough, not to mention daunting, but meditation guru Jody Shield is here to show you it can be done. Speaking at SheerLuxe’s Women’s Day, the mindfulness expert gave six stellar tips for keeping everything together, even when you’re juggling multiple things.

From allocating ‘me time’ to enforcing boundaries, read on for her suggestions – and if you want to learn more, watch her talk in full below.In this hyper-busy world packed full of commitments and deadlines, it’s easy to feel the pressure and get overwhelmed. Your mind is overloaded trying to juggle your family, relationship, high-flying career and everything in-between. Wherever your attention goes, your energy follows, so you scatter yourself in different directions and leak your energy all over the place. No wonder you feel so drained at the end of a day.
Here are Jody'’s five top tips to help you stay zen (or sane) while spinning all those plates: 

Tapping is a powerful and simple self-help tool. You gently ‘tap’ with fingertips on various points around the face and upper body. It works by neutralising the emotional charge surround a particular issue. You can work on reducing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, fears and many other things. Watch the video below  for a deeper demo and tap away the stress.

When you’re juggling lots of things, you don’t have time to hold onto things you need to get off your chest. So when something bothers you, or you need more clarity, just express it. Be clear with people; let them know what’s on your mind. It’s likely things can be easily resolved with a quick conversation rather than stewing on something for a few hours or even days. Clear the air between you and others and don’t hold onto the past.

Don’t forget to breathe! When we’re stressed we do, or we default to ‘shallow-breathing’ –  taking short, sharp breaths into our body. This means, we’re lacking oxygen and life-force when we don’t breathe properly. Take time to breathe in mindfully (with awareness) and notice how easily it is to create more space inside. Combine this with bunching your hand into a fist and gently tapping onto your collarbone. It opens the airways instantly. 

Touch your index (first) finger and thumb together and say ‘Peace’. Then touch your middle finger and thumb together and say ‘Begins’, next touch your ring (fourth) finger and thumb together and say ‘With’ and finally touch your little finger and thumb together and say ‘Me’. Repeat for about 2-3 minutes until you feel calmer. This works by the energy meridian points at the tips of your fingers being stimulated and sending calming signals along the energy meridian lines in your system to clear reset your energy system. Trust us, it works! 

Take time to clear your mind throughout the day, and at the end of a long day through meditation. You can reset your system easily in just 10 mins with Jody’s podcast downloads here. 


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