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I said goodbye to my nanny of 5 years last week and it was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. She started working for us when Coco was eight weeks old and by the time Otto came along she was part of the furniture. She was from the Philippines and in the five years she spent with us didn’t see her children once. She used to say that if she went home she wouldn’t have the heart to come back. So instead my children were her surrogate children and she showered them with kisses and cuddles which was comforting to a working mother and perhaps something I took for granted.

It broke my heart to say goodbye to the lady who took such great care of them and I was left wondering if they’ll ever see her again, let alone remember someone who loved them so deeply.

We now have a new Antipodean nanny, and she is living in. Our previous nanny was live-out and I found being constantly on the clock tough. I introduced a few floating hours a week which was successful as it meant if I hadn’t quite finished what I needed to I had some extra time. Ultimately though, getting home was always a mad, slightly stressful, rush.

Live-in isn’t for everyone but it does give you freedom. We always had live-ins as children and trialled an au pair as an extra pair of hands – to great success – last summer. But weekends aside, when you’re never home the reality is it just isn’t as a big deal as you think before you’ve done it…. As long as you’re very clear from the start about what’s expected, when you would appreciate your kitchen to yourself and general house rules / bug bears / pet peeves etc.

There are obviously cons i.e. giving up your spare room and sharing your house, but there are lots of pros (it is cheaper!) too. I thought this article summed both up well.


On the subject of working mothers, I was introduced to Piccolo Plates a few weeks ago – a new food delivery service set up to deliver healthy, ready-made meals to mothers – for their children – in London. One of the founders is a nutritionist and their meals are laced with hidden vegetables your children won’t notice or pick out. They dropped off some samples of cod & salmon goujons, cottage pie, chicken & pesto nuggets and my children gobbled them up. At £5 a portion (one portion generously feeds two children) it is a brilliant service if you have just had a baby and have an older child to feed, are a working mother or just want to stock up the freezer with something more nutritious than fish fingers.


Giffords Circus is coming to town! And this isn’t just any old circus. Giffords is a family-run affair all the family will love. Young circus-goers will be dazzled by ponies, acrobats, jugglers and clowns all in the best taste possible, while the grown-ups will be most impressed by the vintage style and seasonal menu on offer at the event’s Sauce restaurant. Plus the great grub is served up on Emma Bridgewater crockery – her sister is IN the circus.

Sound tempting? Then be sure to book one of the dozens of dates when they travel the country throughout the summer. 

Finally, my children are in need of some new clothes but I have been waiting for warmer weather. I always head straight to Zara. Right now there are some hits for boys – namely the dungarees for little ones – and as always an array of stylish buys for the girls.

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