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How To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

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Living in a city or town-based flat can be cosy (read: small) and if you’re squeezed for space, we’ve found nine achievable ways to maximise your rooms and give them a sizeable appearance. Best of all, they don’t have to cost you a fortune and don’t require a huge makeover. Result.



“Colour co-ordinating is a great way of sorting without it looking cluttered. Keep colours or even groups of colours together with as much space in between as possible to avoid colour overload.” — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“Monochromatic schemes are more peaceful as a rule, as the eye can move easily around the room without abrupt interruption by other colours. Use different shades of the same colour to add depth and interest to your space.” — Julie Paul, OKA

Fearless Prism Bookends Ocean, £413 | Alexandra Von Furstenberg

Geometric Concrete Sculpture £22.99 for set of 2 | PASINGA

Pink Acrylic Neon Block Frame 2x2", £4.50 | Oliver Bonas

Clear Glass Box, £12.99 | H&M

Resin Decorative Coral, £29.99 | Zara

Etch Tea Light Holder Brass, £40 | Tom Dixon



“A large mirror can work wonders for a small space, making it seem much bigger and brighter. Depending on the room, consider mirrored walls or ceilings to maximise space.” — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“A well-placed mirror creates the illusion of depth. Use it to reflect other pieces of furniture, creating the illusion of additional space.” — Julie Paul, Head of Interior Design and Trade at OKA

Crittall Window Style Mirror, £345 | Rockett St George

Sash Window Wall Mirror, £255 | OKA

Portland Floor Mirror Grey, £375 | The White Company


“Investing in a statement piece of furniture, like a king-size bed or eye-catching sofa or chair, can make a small space seem bigger because they help centre and focus a room, clarifying purpose and simplifying structure.” — Julie Paul, OKA

“Making a bold statement with furniture helps draw the eye to a focus point, which keeps a small space more streamlined.” — Debra Kacher, DKinteriors

"It’s often assumed that if you have a small room, you should add smaller piece of furniture. However, it’s much better to pick one statement piece so that the space looks more open and so there’s a focal point for the room. Antique pieces in particular are perfect for adding more character." — Katharine Pooley, Founder of Katharine Pooley Design

The Oscar Sofa, £1,350 | SOFA.COM

Lille Armchair Raspberry Pink, £349 | Swoon Editions

Garston Love Seat In Woven Blue Wool, £399 | Made



“Consoles are fabulous space savers whilst being simple and elegant at the same time. Think of slim consoles made of metal or marble and put them under a window if possible.” — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“Console tables are long and low, so they help make a room seem larger than it actually is. They can be modelled to fit into unused spaces too, such as underneath a window, and house valuable additional storage space.” — Julie Paul, Head of Interior Design and Trade at OKA

Alice Console Table, £350 | John Lewis 

Fara Console Glass Table, £299 | Marks and Spencer

Lantau Faux Shagreen & Gold Console Table, £945 | OKA



“Round tables are that little bit more convivial. Sharp corners and straight lines can dominate small spaces and prevent them from feeling like flexible, social spaces. Repeating patterns and shapes throughout a room can also make it feel like a cohesive, ordered whole  if you choose a round table, consider echoing its shape in your other furniture choices, particularly with feature artwork or mirrors.” — Julie Paul, OKA

“A round table takes up less space than a square or rectangular table and can utilise an underused area of the room.” — Debra Kacher, DKInteriors

"Similarly to mirrors, Lucite ghost chairs are another reflective element, which trick the eye into thinking a space is larger than it actually is. As they’re clear, you can add bright coloured cushions or, if they’re used round a dining table, statement accessories work well too." — Katharine Pooley, Founder of Katharine Pooley Design  

 Akemi Round Four Seater Dining Table, £399 | John Lewis

Edelweiss Round Dining Table Ash and White, £259 | MADE.COM

Neptune Sheldrake 115cm Round Dining Table Oak, £695 | John Lewis




“This looks really smart and in small spaces, adds a great dynamic, but make sure you include lighter shades. Dark walls with dark shelves full of things will make a small room seem much much smaller”. — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“Blending joinery into the walls helps to open out the space and stops it from overpowering a room.” — Debra Kacher, DKInteriors

Railings Interior Wood & Metal Dead Flat Paint 750ml, £22 | Farrow & Ball

All White Interior Wood &  Metal Dead Flat Paint 750ml, £22 | Farrow & Ball 

Skimming Stone Interior Wood & Metal Dead Flat Paint 750ml, £22 | Farrow & Ball

Lack Wall Shelf White, £13 | IKEA

Lack Wall Shelf, £5 | IKEA

Lack Wall Shelf, £22 | IKEA



“Storage benches are a no-brainer for small spaces. Also consider window seats with benches, blanket boxes, pull-out drawers… The more the merrier.” — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“Make sure you declutter – nothing limits space like superfluous everyday junk. Once you’ve had that all-important clear out, consider how much storage you need and utilise space-efficient and multi-purpose furniture, such as storage benches or nested side tables with integrated drawers.” — Julie Paul, OKA

"There’s some really smart storage options available to buy these days. Storage benches are useful if you’re hosting a large group and need extra seating, but also want to de-clutter. In a bedroom, Ottoman style beds are a good option." — Katharine Pooley, Founder of Katharine Pooley Design

Pinto Storage Bench, £495 | Ercol

Ashdown Linen Bench, £685 | OKA

Orkney Storage Ottoman Owl Grey, £399 | MADE.COM



“Reducing the presence of furniture without compromising on comfort can be tricky, but clear furniture is a novel and effortlessly stylish way to maximise your space. Elegant, slender and simple, a glass coffee table, side table or dining table can also make a wonderful addition to any room, with the added bonus of appearing to take up less space than more traditional, opaque alternatives.” — Julie Paul, OKA

“Lucite furniture provides a light and airy feel and has the added bonus of being bang on trend.” — Debra Kacher, DKInteriors

Gel Dining Chair Clear, £85 | John Lewis 

Louis Ghost Chair, £237 | Philippe Stark for Kartell

Round Back Ghost Inspired Dining Chair, Achica NO LONGER AVAILABLE



“Walls and floors should be kept natural and neutral; cream walls with floorboards or pale carpets work very well together and then you can add splashes of colour with furniture, art and accessories.” — Letty White-Spunner, Jane Churchill Interiors

“Light colours on walls and floors helps throw light around a room, creating the illusion of a bigger space.” — Debra Kacher, DKInteriors

Wevet interior Walls & Ceilings Modern Emulsion Paint 2.5L, £43.50 | Farrow & Ball

Loft White Floor Paint 2.5L, £61 | Little Greene

Hollyhock Intelligent Eggshell Paint 2.5L, £54.50 | Little Greene

Gauze Floor Paint 2.5L, £61 | Little Greene

Crystal Grey Spectrum Paint 1L, £19.50 | Sanderson

All White Interior Walls & Ceilings Modren Emulsion Paint 2.5L, £43.50 | Farrow & Ball 



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