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Vitness Anti-Ageing Beauty Drinks

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Want to give your skin an anti-ageing boost from the inside out? Beauty drinks have been big news for a while, and the latest to make headlines are Vitness’s blends. Now available at Harvey Nichols, each bottle is packed full of skin-saving ingredients, anti-ageing vitamins and powerful antioxidants, helping to heal pores from within and ward off the damaging effects of environmental nasties. 

With three tasty flavours to choose from – Rhubarb & Rose; Cucumber & Melon; and Elderflower & Chilli – these on-the-go boosters are conveniently low in both sugar and calories, making them the ultimate guilt-free treat...

Wondering how they work? Here, Co-Dounder of the brand Kate Bour, explains how her products will nourish your skin from within...

What skin benefits can you get from Vitness?
Loads. It naturally boosts the production of collagen, which helps fight the cellular damage caused by UV, pollution, poor diets and stress. It promotes clearer, smoother and more youthful looking skin, plus protects the skin from premature ageing.

Who can benefit most from drinking Vitness?
Since collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, all adults will benefit from consuming the collagen peptides found in Vitness. Our bodies slow down collagen production from our mid-twenties, so supplementing helps stimulate the production of more connective tissue. The collagen you absorb through Vitness improves elasticity, which helps promote firmer and more hydrated skin. The drinks are therefore ideal for anyone suffering from dry skin conditions, anyone who has been exposed to lots of UV and everyone concerned about premature ageing.

There seems to be a trend for beauty drinks at the moment. What makes Vitness different from the rest?
Our blends contain more collagen than other ready-to-drinks on the market.

How regularly do you have to drink Vitness to see results?
Vitness contains 3.3g of hydrolysed marine collagen, so drinking one bottle a day will help you see the benefits of smoother skin and less dryness in less than a month.






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